Marketing Automation

Leverage your data to create more leads and improve customer experience

Efficient and effective marketing automation

Marketing automation takes elements from your B2B marketing campaign and places them into a workflow capable of targeting prospects based on pre-defined actions and triggers.

Here at Clever Marketing, we use the latest automation tools that leverage data to power automation and personalisation for your customers…

Marketing Automation
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Drive more
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Improve marketing
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Sales benefits:
More sales, more revenue

Marketing benefits:
More leads, less spend

Did you know?
Companies using marketing automation convert 53% more leads to marketing qualified leads than non-users

Forrester Research, “The Forrester Wave Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors.”

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Marketing automation is here to stay and, with the economy finally on the upturn, businesses are getting busier and confidence is increasing. For many that means the “to-do” list is getting longer and, despite the extra daylight around, there still aren’t enough hours in the day.

Recently we have been helping a number of clients automate some of their marketing processes. Our work here focuses on using marketing technology to tackle a number of marketing administration-type functions. At the same time, we ensure the organisation’s communications remain “on brand”, friendly and personable. This creates the benefit of freeing up the marketing team or business owner to focus on the more strategic and revenue generating aspects.

So if you are currently struggling with the sheer volume of your marketing tasks, here are some examples of how technology is helping marketing automation:

Personalised direct mail campaigns

Linking your customer data to printed materials for eye-catching and personalised reminders, communications, event invites and promotions.

Personalised landing pages (PURLs)

Personalised URLs take a customer through to a page with a unique web address for them. It can contain offers, current orders, event booking buttons, reminders, data cleansing options and is all customised to specific customer data. These tend to achieve higher engagement levels than standard generic web pages.

Friendlier automated responses

Whether it is for event bookings, order acknowledgements, customer service enquiries etc, today’s marketing technology can create a personalised feel even though the response is automated.

Establishing a marketing collateral bank

So that resellers and sales teams in other territories can access the company’s branded communications in a secure online area – ordering supplies directly (web to print) but within carefully controlled parameters.

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