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Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital ad space. Many years ago, we used to have to forge a direct relationship with publishers, the owners of ad space on websites. Now, with programmatic, we can rely on automated systems to place our ads in publishers’ sites. 

By creating ads and placing them within an ad exchange, we can set up the systems to distribute them to website that have inventory, or placements for your ads. 

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Paid Media Services

Our paid media services include all the major advertising channels including search engines and social media.


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Create a winning Google Ads  strategy and stay ahead of the competition.


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Find out more about how Mircosoft Ads can help your business.

Intelligent ads across all the major social media platforms.


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Eye-catching ads to capture the attention of your target audience.

Programmatic Services include:

Why Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic allows advertisers to place their ads on inventory of a wide range of websites and devices. Once your ad agency, Clever Marketing, have created your ads, we then place them in the ad exchange and set your bids. 

Using the programmatic platform, we can then select the audiences you wish to place your message in front of and choose from a wide range of placements. Usually, we can place your ads in remnant inventory, however, the distribution of your ads can be to a huge audience depending on your product or service. 

See your options with programmatic advertising, call Clever Marketing on 01276 534 680  and speak with one of our digital marketing team experts. 

Programmatic FAQs

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying of online ad space through a platform rather than through traditional methods of negotiating media buying with publishers.

The demand-side platform (DSP) is the software through which advertisers can find and buy mobile, search and video ads.

There are a number of demand-side platforms (DSPs) for advertisers to place programmatic ads, including Facebook Ads Manager, Amazon AAP, DoubleClick and TubeMogul.

The DSP software analyses user behaviour and algorithmically matches campaigns with the most appropriate audiences.

As well as the familiar display ads, video ads, social ads and audio ads, programmatic advertising has its own unique types of media buying such as Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Private Marketplace (PMP) and “preferred deals”.

Programmatic advertising usually works on the Cost Per Mille (CPM) model, a cost per thousand impressions. Compared to traditional human-led trading, costs are extremely good value for advertisers, as low as GBP0.50 to GBP2.00 CPM.

Call Clever Marketing on 01276 534 680 and we can discuss your business strategy, digital marketing strategy, messaging and brand – aligning all these will help us run the best programmatic advertising campaigns for you.

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