Illustration showing the Benefits of Working with a Local Design Agency

The Benefits of Working with a Local Design Agency

13th June 2017

The benefits of working with a local design agency are many, but I'll admit it - in nearly 20 years in digital, I've had the pleasure of working with people all over the…More +

What an automated website audit will not pick up

Website Audits: What An Automated Audit Won’t Pick Up

7th June 2017

Website Audits - piece of cake, right? All you have to do is visit Hubspot or WebsiteOptimization.com etc. or any one of the many numbers of websites offering a free website audit, press a button…More +

Every business needs a website, right?

Every Business Needs a Website, Right?

15th May 2017

Every Business Needs a Website, Right? Of course, we are going to say that, aren't we? We'll tell you that you need funky business cards, glossy brochures, a nice prospectus, cool flyers, wicked…More +

Web Design Trends 2017

Five Web Design Trends to Look for in 2017

28th April 2017

Web Design Trends. 2017 is an exciting time for the web industry with technology and customer needs moving at pace. Of course, the digital landscape is continually changing so we all need to…More +

Woking Peregrines

Clever Marketing’s Woking Peregrines

20th April 2017

Earlier this year Clever Marketing moved from our long-term home in Farnborough, Hampshire, to new offices just a few miles up the road and over the county border, in Woking, Surrey. We'd been…More +

5 Signs Good PPC Manager

5 Signs You Have a Good PPC Manager

31st March 2017

With Pay Per Click advertising being all about buying visits for your website, rather than gaining visitors organically, it’s essential you have a good PPC Manager or digital marketing agency partner. After all,…More +

Top tips for driving traffic to your business blog

Top Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Business Blog

27th March 2017

Blogs are an essential element of the digital marketing mix as each post drives traffic to your website. It’s relatively easy to set a blog up and build a following but it takes…More +

Top 5 PPC Trends 2017

Top 5 PPC Trends to use in 2017

14th March 2017

With the introduction of expandable text ads and trends like audience targeting, device bidding, local search and video advertising, Clever Marketing takes a look at the top PPC trends to use in 2017.…More +

Expanded Text Ads are new to Google AdWords

Expanded Text Ads: What Are They and How Do They Differ?

9th March 2017

Google replaced standard text ads with expanded text ads (ETAs) last month. This change has been regarded as their largest since AdWords launched with expanded text ads visible across all devices. Expanded text…More +

Top Ranking SEO Factors 2017

Top Ranking SEO Factors for 2017

2nd February 2017

Searchmetrics released its annual study of Google’s top search ranking factors recently. This is used as a comparative benchmark for webmasters, online marketers and SEO’s to identify patterns and trends. The company’s historical…More +

Ways to refresh your website in 2017

5 Ways To Refresh Your Website in 2017

5th January 2017

The New Year is all about re-evaluating and that means it's the perfect time to refresh your website. A lot can change in the space of 12 months so it’s a great opportunity…More +

technical seo issues

10 SEO Problems & How To Overcome Them: Part 2

14th December 2016

In our first post tackling common SEO problems and how to overcome them, we covered: duplicate content title tags meta descriptions broken links and image optimisation These being just some of the technical…More +

Landing Page Design - Good advice from Clever Marketing, design and digital agency in Surrey

7 Best Features For Landing Page Design

25th November 2016

Many features go into creating the best landing page design. Once you know who your target audience is, planning what features you need to include on your landing page is very straightforward. Of…More +

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP Project) can boost your SEO

AMP: What it is & How it Can Affect Your SEO

11th November 2016

Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) is an open source project from Google, designed to make web page content load much faster on mobile devices. In essence, it’s a slimmed-down version of HTML -…More +

The Importance of Branding Consistency - Clever, your brand agency, can help

The Importance of Branding Consistency

2nd November 2016

When a company visits your website, do they get the same brand experience as they would across your other digital channels? What about offline – is the branding of your brochure or print…More +

graphic design agency

How To Brief Your Graphic Design Agency

13th October 2016

A well thought through creative brief is where a successful project begins. It builds excitement around a forthcoming project and it’s the best way to inspire your graphic designer or graphic design agency.…More +

google penguin update 4.0

Penguin 4.0 Has Arrived: Here’s What You Need To Know

30th September 2016

Initially introduced back in 2012, the purpose of Google’s Penguin algorithm is to identify unnatural backlinks in Google search results. As of September 2016, Penguin 4.0 was released and now running in real-time…More +

website design

5 Things To Consider Before Designing Your Website

16th September 2016

When it comes to designing or indeed re-designing your website, it’s easy to focus on the aesthetics. However there are a plethora of things to consider before forging ahead with your web design…More +

seo agency

What To Look For In An SEO Agency

17th August 2016

If you have a great website and you’re generating regular content but not getting discovered by prospective clients, it’s likely you’ll need to improve your search results. The most effective way to achieve…More +

Outsource to a digital marketing agency. How about Clever?

To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

10th August 2016

When you own a business, it’s common to have your fingers in many pies, to be part of its every function and process.You do the bookkeeping. You’re in charge of sales. You pioneer…More +

SEO problems and how to overcome them - Part 1

10 SEO Problems & How To Overcome Them: Part 1

3rd August 2016

We all know that content is king but with search engines ranking sites by popularity, it’s important to maintain your site regularly to iron out any on and off page technical issues.We take…More +

Does your mobile navigation make users happy?

How Mobile Navigation is Changing – And How you Can Keep Up

3rd December 2015

2015 has been a huge year for mobile, and we’re sure that you don’t need us to tell you that mobile is one of the most important areas in which to concentrate your…More +

Improve Mobile Conversion Rates - We show you 5 ways

5 Ways to Improve Mobile Conversion Rates

5th November 2015

If you believed everything you read on the internet, you’d think that mobile phones are taking over the world. In a way, though, they are – last year for the first time mobile…More +

Print's not dead!

Print’s Not Dead!

26th September 2014

As technology continues to develop and change the way we do business, many have turned their back on traditional print. Whilst digital marketing like email newsletters, organic SEO, PPC advertising and social media…More +

Avoid being pigeonholed by customers

Avoid Being Pigeonholed by Customers

6th June 2014

Many of us often wrongly assume that our customers fully understand the length and breadth of our service or product offering. It can then come as quite a shock when they say "Oh…More +

Maximising prospect engagement – getting your marketing heard

Maximising Prospect Engagement – Getting Your Marketing Heard

6th May 2014

It is getting harder for marketing messages to get through to people as busy lives and a fog of noise from multiple communication channels often gets in the way. Increasingly it is making…More +

Putting your website through its paces

Putting your website through its paces

6th May 2014

For many businesses, their website is a key component of their marketing strategy. It commands a sizeable chunk of their marketing budget and is intended to be a key force in attracting new…More +

Converting leads into sales

Converting Leads into Sales: 3 Key Factors

6th March 2014

It is great when a marketing campaign generates a sizeable pot of new business leads and warm contacts. This achievement though presents the immediate challenge of converting that interest into sales. And yet…More +

How easy is it to buy from you?

How Easy is it to Buy from You? A 5 Step Checklist

6th February 2014

Most businesses would like to think they’re easy to buy from. However, if left unchecked, evolving business processes or communications can risk confusing or putting the customer off altogether. It is worth taking…More +

Build competitive advantage by enhancing your customer experience

Build Competitive Advantage by Enhancing your Customer Experience

6th January 2014

With the arrival of the New Year, many businesses are looking ahead and planning how to make the next 12 months even bigger and better than the last. Whilst it is tempting to…More +

Print’s Not Dead!

26th September 2014