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Mobile Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures your website performs perfectly on mobile devices.

Whilst websites often perform best on desktop machines, where they are often first conceived and built, search engines, like Google, look at how well your site performs on mobile. 

Our mobile SEO services make sure that your valuable audience can see and interact with your website on mobile phones and tablets too. 

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Faster page load speeds
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Increased visibility with mobile audiences
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Improved user experience
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Improved desktop performance

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Mobile SEO includes:

The benefits of mobile specific SEO

Google operates a “mobile first” policy meaning that it is imperative that you design and build your website to perform as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Loading times are a ranking signal to the search engines, as is the experience of a user when they reach your page. So create mobile-friendly experiences and your organic search rankings will benefit. 

If you have already built and launched your website, then we can still work on it to improve its performance in mobile search. We can optimise your server, your Content Management System (CMS), image file sizes and the number of scripts you load.  

Call Clever Marketing on 01276 534 680 to discuss your website performance on mobile and we will find ways to improve your mobile SEO. 


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