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Technical SEO is the process of optimising a website from a technical perspective in order to make the website faster and more easy for search engines to crawl, understand and index, thus hopefully resulting in better rankings.

Whereas “regular SEO” is relatively easy, with practitioners generally fixing words and copy in titles, descriptions, body copy etc. technical SEO requires a high degree of technical knowledge. Beyond “on page SEO”, the technical practitioner may require additional skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a technical understanding of managing web servers.

To be clear, a highly skilled, advanced and experienced SEO practitioner may well have a lot of the technical SEO skills, but this area of practice does require advanced technical skills.

Clever Marketing are experts in technical SEO.

If you’re interested, some of the aspects of technical SEO include:


Site Structure

Is your information architecture logical? Is your site structure well-organised and easy to understand? If so, then users will be able to easily navigate your content. More importantly, search engines need to also be able to understand your site, it helps them to crawl, index and rank your webpages.

XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps for visitors are helpful but for search engines to be able to crawl efficiently, index correctly and rank effectively, you’ll want to document your well-structured website in a way that they understand.

Thin Content

Website content needs to meet the needs of your visitors and users. If you are experts in a particular subject then you need to demonstrate this expertise and a couple of hundred words is not enough to convey the level of your knowledge. We can quickly identify thin content and advise on solutions to improve your copy.

404 Pages

Websites are dynamic and you’ll be regularly adding and changing content to reflect the nature of your business, services and product offerings. Sometimes, content maybe removed and you’ll end up with broken links and pages displaying the dreaded HTML 404 errors “not found”. We can identify and fix 404 errors as they are not good for the user experience and are not helpful for search engines.

Our SEO Expertise

Business Intelligence

We start by taking a deep dive into your business model and fully understand your products and services, who your customers are and what they need.

Keyword Research

Once we understand your business model and know your audience, we analyse the keywords that are likely to attract the most relevant traffic; visitors who will engage and convert.

SEO Strategy

With an innate understanding of your business offering and who your audience are, we develop an SEO strategy that is designed to deliver over the medium and long term.

SEO Strategy

With an innate understanding of your business offering and who your audience are, we develop an SEO strategy that is designed to deliver over the medium and long term.

Local SEO

Being found first on local search is more important than ever these days, and we’ll make sure your business is found in the local rankings.

eCommerce SEO

Selling online is a vital service, we ensure that your ecommerce site is fully optimised to compete with the competition.

On-Page SEO

We have over twenty years’ copywriting experience and the same in search engine optimisation. We’ll make your pages stand out.

Technical SEO

This is where our expertise extends to the web development level. You’ll have pages that look good and function well too.

Mobile SEO

Your website has to be mobile-friendly and designed to be mobile-first, ensuring the best user experience on hand-held devices.

SEO Reporting

Analysing the traffic and measuring results, we adjust your ongoing SEO campaigns and advise on your content marketing plan, further SEO and supporting channels.

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