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Get discovered online with Search Engine Optimisation

Technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) uses specialist, high-tech skills to give your website that extra edge.

Whilst regular, on-page SEO works wonders for your website, a true technical SEO expert will optimise those harder to reach aspects of your online presence. 

Clever Marketing’s SEO team combine the best of web development with Search Engine Optimisation, to get the most from your online assets. 

Improved SEO rankings
Improved web server performance
Search engine compliance
White-hat, safe SEO tactics

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Technical SEO services include:

Why Technical SEO?

The technical aspects of search engine optimisation are particularly specialist – whilst regular SEO requires years of expertise and incredible skill to perform well, conducting technical SEO is even more demanding. 

Our technical practitioners are well-versed in the techniques of on-page SEO, having a strong command of the English language, deep insights, and broad practical knowledge. In addition, they benefit from highly specialised skills in WordPress development and webserver management. 

Our talents cover every aspect of the technical process from ensuring your webserver is in peak performance to tweaking the JavaScript on your webpages. Call us to find out how we can help you today!

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