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Digital design from Clever Marketing to promote business development within the digital economy of the 21st century.

Design is design, right? Well actually, no, it’s not that simple. Traditional design was limited to a single media – print – and so it only needed to consider that single perspective. Design for the digital world requires a far broader skill set to ensure your brand is displayed correctly across dozens of formats with a variety of resolutions and screen sizes. A design that looks good on a 15-inch laptop also needs to look good on a mobile or tablet.

Digital is also far more versatile than traditional design, so an appreciation of how to weave in rich media to enhance your design is a new and vital consideration when looking to deliver engaging assets.

That is not to say there is no place for print – far from it, in fact, now that technologies such as quick response (QR) and augmented reality (AR) are blending the once disparate worlds of print and digital media consumption. Clever Marketing, with our history of print design, are uniquely placed to deliver the best of both.

Why Clever Marketing for digital design? Our team has unmatched experience in creating digital design. They learned their trade in the traditional sense and have evolved and adapted their skill set and expertise to the point where they are able to deliver the best of both worlds.

  • Designs created to work across all media formats
  • Designs that leverage the power of digital functionality
  • Designs that reflect the character and personality of your business
  • Designs created with the requirements of digital media baked in (loading speed, file sizes, etc.)
  • Designs that contain that indefinable X-factor


So, regardless of whether you need a full website design, a digital brochure, a new brand identity, a suite of digital adverts or all of these, Clever Marketing should be your first port of call.

Why should you design for digital?

In most recent years, the industry has seen a radical shift in design, moving from traditional Print Design such as leaflets, brochures, and event banners, to the more current Digital Design. Like all Marketing Agencies we have had to adapt to this shift and take on inhouse some of the most experienced in this field to live up to the highest standards.

Digital, animated, responsive brochure
– supported with follow-up direct mail printed brochure.


  • Once live you can change, anything Digital is easily adaptable.
  • Cost-effective (You will not need to print multiple versions)
  • On-trend – The majority of Digital Design is an interactive experience not static.


The perfect blend of print and digital. The two in our experience and compliment the other. Yes, it’s great displaying something in Digital, but as something more personal and to build a client relationship having a printed version of the Digital version can work in your favour.

Our digital design capabilities include, but are in no way limited to, the following:

Website Design

From concepting, wireframing and into prototyping we cover the entire process to ensure you have a website that not only works from a Digital point of view but also looks the part.

Landing Pages

It is crucial to have a landing page that converts from a UX/UI point of view, but if the Landing page doesn’t cut it from a visual standpoint, your prospective clients will be less likely buy in. We understand how to use design to compliment your landing page and cleverly use colour to draw the readers eye to the points of interest and importance.

PPC Adverts

You will see dozens of PPC adverts every day whilst searching the web but how many truly catch your eye? A well deigned advert can stand out from the noise and turn a failing campaign into a roaring success.

Digital Brochures

Our showpiece offering, a well-designed digital brochure can bring life to your services in a way not able to be replicated anywhere else.

Video Animation

Designing for video is an artform all its own and Clever Marketing have the experience and knowhow to deliver video and animations that will exceed your expectations. The only limit is what we can imagine.

Featured case study


City Defend is a small but innovate technology company with a unique solution that required a fresh perspective when designing a new website. Their implementor audience were of a technical mindset, however they also needed to appeal to the “budget holder” segment in order to secure the funding needed for a solution deployment.

Clever Marketing took all of these considerations into account during the design and development of their website and produced an engaging and informative end-result that has received rave review from internal and external clients alike.



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