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Keyword research is the bedrock of SEO.

Starting with excellence is the basis of a solid SEO strategy, so it pays well to conduct intelligent, in-depth keyword research before embarking upon your SEO project.  

Keyword research should align with the overall business plan and wider marketing strategy, considering user personas and understanding user intent as appropriate. 

Thoroughness, rigour, deep expertise and experience are the hallmarks of a clever marketing strategy. 

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Your SEO keyword strategy will include:

Why keyword research?

Keyword research can appear to be very simple, selecting a few key terms that reflect your business’ products and services. However, professional keyword research involves deep analysis and a profound understanding of keyword data.

By working to understand your business goals and aligning with your broader marketing strategy, Clever Marketing will discover and recommend the most relevant keywords. By further tapping into the profiles of your ideal demographics, we match the user intent of searchers to the personas of those who buy your products and services. 

Using our deep experience in true keyword research, we develop keyword clusters and content strategies to help you create the best experience for your audience, including helping you with your topical authority. Surfacing the most relevant keywords to align with search intent, understanding both what users are looking for and, most importantly, why, is crucial to your organic success.  

Call Clever Marketing on 01276 402 381 to discuss your keyword research requirements. We are experts in deep keyword analysis and matching terms with your users’ intent. 

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