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  • Get more phone calls to your business.
  • Boost your website visits and sales.
  • Generate leads.
  • Measure results.

Clever Marketing has been working with us since November last year, not only have they helped fix issues with our existing website, which has significantly improved our SEO presence in Google. They have also started managing our Pay Per Click advertising and we are already seeing positive results and an increase in leads from these targeted campaigns. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian Woodcock and his digital team.


Bing Ads Management Services

Microsoft Advertising.

In the current digital landscape, Bing Ads is a good complement of other platforms. With a smaller market share, Bing Ads generally provides lower cost per click (CPC) and higher conversion rates than Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

As a Bing Ads Agency based in Farnborough, we specialise in managing Microsoft Advertising campaigns, also known as Bing Ads, that drive a cost-effective ROI for our clients.

Bing Ads can get brilliant results, it’s a great way to generate extra leads and traffic from users who do not use Google. Less competitors are advertising on Bing Ads, so the cost per click can be lower and still generate good results.

Full Service Bing Ads Agency London

As a Bing Ads Agency based near London, we have great expertise on Bing Ads management. Our fully certified team will help you maximise your ROI:

Less Competition
With less competitors advertising on Bing Ads, your business will stand out.

Additional Reach
Bing Ads is a good complement for other digital channels to increase your reach.

Flexible Budget
One of the most significant advantages of Bing PPC management is the budget flexibility, being able to adjust your ad spend by hour.

Local or Global
On Bing Ads campaigns we will target small areas or a whole country or even a continent to put your brand in front of your buyer personas.

Bing PPC Management includes:

  • Finding the right keywords
  • Writing persuasive ad copy
  • Creating the landing pages
  • Managing the price you pay for clicks
  • Getting the most out of your budget
  • Achieving conversion or sales

Why work with Clever Marketing

  • We are based in Farnborough
    We are a Bing Ads agency in Hampshire, less than 20 miles from central London. We are near you and open to receive visits on our open plan offices.
  • We are Bing Ads experts
    Our Bing PPC team with great expertise on digital strategies are passionate and talented individuals.
  • Transparency and accountability
    We deliver results to maximise the profit of your ad spend. You will get full report of the activities and results generated from Bing Ads.

Call us on +44 (0) 1276 534680 to discuss how we can bring you more customers & sales using Google Ads.

Microsoft Bing Ads PPC FAQs

Microsoft Advertising is a platform that provides PPC services on search engines such Bing and Yahoo!

Advertising on Bing and Yahoo can be effective for your business as the CPC is usually lower than Google. So, it usually cost less to advertise on those search engines and there aren’t a lot of competitors advertising on Bing so your business can take advantage of this platform before competitors do.

Microsoft Advertising uses an auction system for its PPC services (similar to Google Ads). Businesses can show relevant adverts to people that are searching for specific search terms or keywords in Bing or Yahoo. When someone clicks the adverts, the platform charges the business or advertiser a fee called Cost Per Click (CPC).

Typically cost lower than other PPC platforms such as Google. This is mainly due to there being less competitors on the Bing and Yahoo search engines.

You can start advertising by joining the Microsoft Advertising platform. However, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from an expert in the chosen platform because without much knowledge of the platform, it is possible to overspend your advertising budget without results in a matter of hours or days. You can contact the PPC experts at Clever Marketing for advice on your PPC advertising campaigns.


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