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Google Ads Management

  • Increase visibility on major search engines and social platforms.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website or campaign landing page.
  • Generate high quality leads.
  • Deliver better ROI on your marketing spend.

Clever Marketing has been working with us since November last year, not only have they helped fix issues with our existing website, which has significantly improved our SEO presence in Google. They have also started managing our Pay Per Click advertising and we are already seeing positive results and an increase in leads from these targeted campaigns. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian Woodcock and his digital team.


Data-Driven Ads Agency

The Google Ads platform gives businesses the ability to place their messaging directly in front of people as they look for products or solutions through Google search. The system runs on a bid basis, so understanding this fact is the basis for any successful campaign.

Google Video Ads allows businesses to place advertisements over popular videos. There’s also a feature that allows the business to show advertisements for specific videos that their target audiences engage with on YouTube. Businesses like yours are now able to segment & target viewers with relevant adverts to generate traffic, leads & sales.

From setting up new Google Ads accounts for clients to auditing existing accounts there’s always an opportunity to capitalise on the platforms benefits for the businesses we work with. Such as utilising Google Search Ads & Google Shopping Ads to promote products and services on Google’s search engine and its partner network.

Google Display Ads is another channel of opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness to new audiences & to remarket to existing leads, customers & website visitors. Display ads are displayed as image & text banners on third party websites and apps.

Full Service Google Ads Agency London

As a Google Partner Agency based near London, we have a great expertise on Google Ads management. Our fully certified team are experts in all areas of Google advertising, such as:

  • Google Search Ads: promote relevant products and service to people searching for it.
  • Google Video Ads: engage with your target audience as they watch YouTube videos.
  • Google Display Ads: increase brand awareness and sell more products to existing customers.
  • Google Shopping Ads: sell your products with Google’s search engine to people looking for it.
  • App Ads: promote your app to encourage people to see and install your app on their mobile.

Get results that matter to your business

  • Drive visits to your website
  • Get phone calls to your business
  • Increase leads and sales


At Clever Marketing we manage unrivalled campaigns combining Google Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Paid Social and other PPC platforms for our extensive list of customers to deliver results:

Lead Generation

Clever Marketing combine Google Ads and other technologies to generate more leads for your business.

Remarketing Ads

Make more of your website traffic by showing adverts to people who have previously visited your website.

Brand Awareness

Google Ads offers unparalleled reach for growing your brand awareness.

Ecommerce Ads

Paid ads can boost your ecommerce visibility to users looking for your products.

PPC and Google Ads Management includes:

  • Finding the right audience and keywords
  • Writing persuasive ad copy
  • Creating the landing pages
  • Managing the price you pay for clicks
  • Getting the most out of your budget
  • Achieving conversion or sales

Get results that matter to your business

Google Partner logo.
  • Google Ads Experts
  • Qualified UK based team
  • Results driven team inhouse


Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online PPC advertising platform where businesses can promote their products and services to their potential customers on Google Search, Display ads, YouTube Ads and other sites.

Google AdWords means Google Ads, it is the previous name for the most extensive and powerful digital advertising platform now.

Google Ads works in different ways depending on the type of campaign you choose. When your potential customers are searching on Google, browsing websites on the Internet or watching videos on YouTube, Google Ads campaigns will show your ads to the right audience at the right time.

Both Google Ads and SEO appear on Google search results, they look similar, but there are important differences:

  • Google Ads will appear first at the top of the page. Organic results (SEO) will appear below the ads and sometimes below other snippets like Google Maps.
  • Google Ads are paid clicks and organic clicks you don’t need to pay anything for them.
  • Google Ads are quick to deploy, and SEO can take weeks or months to rank well on the search results.

Search Ads are text-based format ads, they will show on the search results when people search for your services/products.
Display Ads are text or image-based format ads that will be shown on websites or apps when are visited by your potential customers.
Video Ads are video or image-based format ads that appear before or during YouTube videos.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the advertising model where you only pay when a user clicks on your ads.

The cost of a campaign in Google Ads will defined by your budget settings, so you decide how much you want to spend per day. You are charged when users click on your ads to call your business or visit your website.

To start advertising on Google Ads you have to sign up for free and you will be able to create your campaign within minutes. As a quite complex platform, it requires lots of settings correctly done, we recommend working with an experienced agency to get the most from your budget. You can call Clever Marketing to start advertising on Google Ads today.


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