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Clever Marketing would like to re-introduce you to the lost art of print design. Here are a few pointers:

  • Always consider size and resolution at a given distance to ensure your message is clear in your chosen environment
  • Be aware of your medium. Is it paper, acrylic, canvas? Different surfaces require different design attributes
  • Print isn’t limited to 2 dimensions – explore 3-dimensional options in your design to make your campaign “pop”
  • Make the most of technology – use QR or AR to reap the benefits of a digital experience

These are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider when looking at the traditional print format – but do not worry, as Clever Marketing will be here every step of the way to ensure you achieve professionally designed assets that deliver results.


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Do you have a number of items that needs prepping and packaging? Or perhaps even storing those items for a long period of time? Clever Marketing are on hand to help you no matter your needs.


So often overlooked, the right choice of paper can complement your brochure or book. How it feels in the hand or lays on a table, these are the details that help us form an opinion, even before we start reading.

Digital Print

For many years now, our industry has been able to offer digital print technology as opposed to traditional litho printing. It can give the same quality at a more competitive price for smaller quantities, as well as offering flexibility in areas like personalisation.


The visual and tactile characteristics of your project go beyond the printing press. You might want to embellish with a metallic foil, or cut out an interesting shape. Why not explore these options for that extra touch.

Exhibition Stands

Sometimes, brochure and digital assets are not enough to promote your business – this is when you might decide to exhibit at a trade show or have a presence in a foyer. A popup or banner stand can make an eye-catching statement and give you an asset that can be rolled out again and again.


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LG Print design.


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