Websites for companies looking to impress in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and the Thames Valley.

Your website is your shop window to the world, your digital handshake and the only opportunity you’ll have to make a great first impression. It will be the fulcrum around which your identity will be crafted and a platform to launch business development through digital marketing.

The best websites will always put the needs of your audience first whilst also striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. User experience and back-end coding should work together to deliver a seamless journey designed to take a visitor from being a casual browser to transacting client.

Clever Marketing have the expertise in design, copy, front and backend development, SEO and ongoing maintenance to deliver an enterprise level website for an SME budget, without resorting to off-the-shelf templates, cookie-cutter copy and bargain-basement coding.

Why Choose Clever Marketing for your website? If you are looking for the cheapest website possible then don’t bother reading any further, that’s not what Clever Marketing are about. If on the other hand, you’re serious about developing the very best website possible within your budget then read on…

Your website is too important to have anything other than the very best working on it. At Clever Marketing we understand this and will ensure that your new website:

  • Reflects who you are as a company
  • Displays beautifully no matter what screen size or orientation it is viewed on
  • Contains all of the content required to convert browsers to buyers
  • Is streamlined and efficient enough to display quickly across all devices
  • Ticks all of the SEO boxes to ensure visibility through the major search platforms
  • Is robust, secure and scalable enough to grow as you do

Your website and everything associated with it is the basis on which people will decide whether or not to engage with you before you have even spoken a word to them. Be that a landing page linked to a direct campaign or a casual browser directed via their chosen search platform, the impact of that first experience will set the tone for every interaction thereafter so make sure you chose the right partner first time round.





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