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Clever Collaboration: Digital Marketing Agencies and Clients

5 Signs that your Web Designer Doesn’t do SEO

The term “web design” is a broad term covering a multitude of disciplines involved in creating websites. But for the moment let’s keep it simple and take it, quite literally, at face value… web design means making websites look good. And who doesn’t want their website to look good?

Why Clever Marketing is Your Digital and Marketing Agency This Decade

Page Experience Ranking

Google are getting really serious about web page experience. So serious in fact that they have announced that they will roll out a new web page experience ranking signal from 2021 and give everyone at least six months notice of the algorithm change.

The Benefits of Working with a Local Design Agency

Google Announces Core Web Vitals – User Experience Signals

Web Vitals from Google is their initiative to provide guidance on User Experience signals for site owners.

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