Landing pages are not designed to replace your website, they are designed to augment it with content specific to digital campaigns. If your website is the airport then landing pages are the departure lounges, developed to direct the right people to the right place based on their preferences the search terms they enter into your PPC campaign.

Clever Marketing believe that a customer journey needs to be as relevant as possible to the question or need that begins it, and therefore we will very often create up to a dozen individual landing pages that reflect the search parameters on PPC campaigns.

Why use landing pages? Well, there are many good reasons why a landing page is a good investment… here are just a few:

  • Targeted content will increase the ratio of clicks to conversions
  • Dedicated landing pages will increase your PPC campaign quality score leading to higher positions and a lower overall CPC (cost per click)
  • Landing pages can be created quickly to reflect data you gather from your PPC campaigns
  • Landing pages can be used as part of a marketing automation workflow
  • Landing pages will help drive business development through digital marketing

Clever Marketing are experts in landing page development, deployment and management so you can always be certain that your campaign is delivered to its maximum potential.

Why landing pages

Landing pages will be an invaluable tool in the constant drive for business development through digital marketing, and whilst they can be quick to create that doesn’t mean that any less thought should be put into them. Clever Marketing understand this and will bring our significant knowledge and experience to bear.

Examples of just some of our successful campaigns for financial services, legal, biotech and IT sectors.

Featured case study

Fresh Intranet are a specialist Intranet Service Provider dedicated to delivering intranet solutions based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. They engaged Clever Marketing to overhaul their demand generation campaigns to increase the number of leads being delivered.

Clever Marketing conducted a review of the campaign set up, search terms and associated landing pages and recommended revisions to increase the ROI on campaign spend.

We matched search terms with Fresh solutions and created a suite of 12 individual landing pages focussed on targeted content with more relevant calls to action. Within a matter of weeks, the campaign cost had been reduced whilst the number of high-quality leads had increased by 300%.

Since this initial success, the suite of landing pages has been expanded based on analysis of the campaign metrics and the number of leads has continued to increase.

This campaign proves the value of dedicated landing pages, the impact they can have both immediately and in the medium to long term.

Our landing page services can include …


A simple and intuitive navigation combined with a natural flow will deliver the very best user experience for your landing page.


Engaging copy that speaks to audience in a natural tone of voice, whilst imparting the information they need.


Landing page design needs to reflect the content and be adaptable in order to display on whichever device it is being viewed on. Logical placement of images and calls to action are vital components to success.


Just because it’s a single page doesn’t mean that a solid foundation of development isn’t vital. Your Landing is a website all its own and will often determine the course that a potential new client will take.

Search Engine Optimisation

How the content of your landing page reflects the subject matter of your campaign is something that all the major search and social platforms will consider when determining the price you pay for a click. Keeping copy and calls to action relevant will increase your quality score and reduce your CPC.