Capturing Interest with Lead Generation Pages.

Landing pages are highly-targeted, single-purpose web pages designed specifically for the role of lead generation. With in-bound marketing campaigns steering visits from sources such as email, organic search or Pay Per Click (PPC) activity, landing pages engage with visitors and encourage users to sign up, download or join, dependent on your campaign goals.

Clever Marketing focus on ensuring that the customer journey is both relevant and qualitative, so we usually create several individual landing pages that each reflect and continue on from the specific search parameters from your PPC campaigns.

The benefits of landing pages.

There are many reasons why a landing page is a great investment… here are some excellent merits:

  • Targeted content increases the ratio of clicks to conversions.
  • Dedicated landing pages can increase your PPC campaign Quality Scores, leading to higher positions and a lower overall CPC (Cost Per Click).
  • They can be created quickly to reflect data you gather from your PPC campaigns.
  • Landing pages can be used as part of a marketing automation workflow.
  • LPs help drive business development through digital marketing.


Clever Marketing are experts in landing page development, deployment and management so you can always be certain that your campaign is delivered to its maximum potential.

Why Landing Pages?

Landing pages are an essential tool in the constant quest for business development through digital marketing and they require thought and attention to perform optimally.

Clever Marketing understand this and will bring our significant knowledge and experience to bear.

Examples of just some of our successful campaigns for financial services, legal, biotech and IT sectors.

Our landing page services cover…



A simple and intuitive navigation combined with a natural flow will deliver the very best user experience for your landing page.


Engaging copy that resonates with your audience in a natural tone of voice, whilst conveying the information they need.


Good landing page design ensures crucial content is delivered correctly across desktop and mobile devices. Strategic placement of essential information, key messages, images and compelling Calls To Action (CTAs) are vital components to success.

Web Development

The best landing page designs appear simple yet have a solid underpinning of good web development. Your landing page is a mini website in itself, so its functionality is essential in guiding potential new clients.

Search Engine Optimisation

Well-considered and skilfully crafted content is a sound basis for a successful landing page. And when that copy and all the page components are optimised for the search engines, you gain advantage from additional benefits. Conducting good SEO on a completed landing page can improve your Quality Score and reduce Cost Per Click (CPC).

Featured case study

Fresh is a specialist Intranet Service Provider dedicated to delivering business intranet solutions based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Fresh engaged Clever Marketing to overhaul its lead generation campaigns, with the goal of improving both the quality and volume of leads.

Clever Marketing conducted a thorough review of the campaign architecture, keyword analysis and associated landing pages, recommending revisions to increase the ROI on campaign spend.

We matched search terms with Fresh solutions and created a suite of a dozen individual landing pages rich with more targeted content and clearer, highly relevant calls to action. Within a matter of weeks, the campaign cost had been reduced whilst the number of high-quality leads had increased by 300%.

Since this initial success, the suite of LPs has been expanded based on analysis of the campaign metrics and the number of leads has continued to improve.

This campaign proves the value of dedicated landing pages, and the impact they can have both immediately and in the medium to long term.

Landing Page Case Studies

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