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In Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, display ads play an important part in increasing brand awareness, engaging with audiences, driving traffic and generating sales.

Visually engaging, display ads can reach huge audiences. Beyond static images, they can also include video to further captivate your viewers, adding even more value to your brand, products and services.

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Paid Media Services

Our paid media services include all the major advertising channels including search engines and social media.


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Create a winning Google Ads  strategy and stay ahead of the competition.


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Find out more about how Mircosoft Ads can help your business.


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Ensure your website is optimised  across all devices.


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Programmatic ads to capture the right audience, in the right place at the right time.

Our Display Ad Services include:

Why Display Ads?

Display ads are a fantastic upgrade from text-only search ads. Whilst search ads are extremely effective, display ad campaigns can be even more so. 

In addition to great graphic design and typography, display ads also cover the use of video, so if your business needs greater exposure and engagement, you can animate your ads for a more captivating cinematic approach. 


Beyond traditional image-based ads, responsive display ads are a recent development, meaning that machine learning algorithms can assemble display ads from the components you provide. 

If you’re looking to add another dimension to your digital marketing campaign, display ads are an excellent addition to your marketing mix. Alongside SEO, PPC and paid social, activity based on display ads is essential for more visual brands.  

For the very best expertise in display ad management, speak with Clever Marketing. Call us on 01276 402 381 and discuss your next campaign with our highly talented team. 

How can display ads help your business?

  • Display Ads for Remarketing
    Turn lost prospects into customers with display remarketing ads.
  • Video Display Ads
    Catch customers’ eyes when they spend more time with video display ads
  • Display Ads for Brand Recognition
    Display ad networks are some of the most useful and productive forms of advertising in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Display advertising is the use of images, text and sometimes animated GIFs to promote your product or service via banners on other websites and apps. You can tailor where your display ads appear by selecting only the relevant partners.

Display Marketing works by using a PPC platform that allows businesses to show their display adverts on multiple websites and apps. When someone clicks on the display ad image, the business is charged a fee for the click and the person that clicked can be redirected to the advertising business’ website.

Display Ads are attractive and attention-grabbing, so, are usually used in campaigns to raise brand awareness and influence brand preference. They can be beneficial for your business as people remember your display “banner” ads and the products or messages on them.

Remarketing Display Ads are when a business targets previous website visitors or customers with a display advert that shows the target audience a product, service or message that is tailored to that audience only.

Our Display Ads Agency can increase your brand visibility online. We can also show your display adverts to segments of your website audience based on their interactions. We can also acquire more relevant traffic to your website through our display ads campaigns.

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