Website Design & SEO: Forget the Hype, Embrace the Reality

Forget the skyrocket cliches, take off more realistically with Clever Marketing

When was the last time you saw a digital agency say they build “stunning” websites? Did they say they’ll create a site for your business that will “wow” or “blow away” your customers? Or how about those digital marketers who say they’ll “skyrocket” your ranking, traffic and leads? Maybe their marketing materials actually included images […]

Business Processes: Beef Up Your Lead Capture & Conversion 

Business Processes: Beef Up Your Lead Capture & Conversion

As a full-service digital marketing agency in Surrey, Hampshire, and Berkshire, Clever Marketing offers the whole range of design, print, digital, web design, SEO, PPC, and social media services. That’s a lot to offer for a small company but we punch well above our weight due to a couple of very good reasons:  We’re also […]

5 Steps to Refresh Your Website and Stay Ahead in 2024

5 steps to refresh your website and stay ahead in 2024

Spring is in the air and whilst most people think of spring cleaning their homes, we’re thinking about what’s closest to our hearts as a digital agency – spring cleaning websites. Just like in the analogue world, digital is no different, and websites always need a tidy up. Redesigning a website may not be immediately […]

Digital Brochures Reduce Carbon for ESG and B Corps

Reduce carbon with digital brochures for ESG and B Corps.

Talking with one of our clients this week we were delighted to discuss their commitment to reduce carbon with digital brochures. Being an incredibly traditional business (Over 250 years old), they’d always used printed brochures, and with great success. However, their new leadership team are now modernising the firm. The reasoning behind their increasing transition […]

Drive More Sales with a Chatbot

Drive More Sales with a Chatbot

Open up a new channel and drive more sales with a chatbot. Whilst some leads come via email, some from phone calls, chatbots convert better and we can help…

Digital Marketing in Challenging Times

Digital Marketing in Challenging Times

You know the drill by now.

Stay at home. Don’t leave the house. Unless, of course, you need basic provisions, one session of exercise, to collect medications, or to tend to a vulnerable relative or neighbour.

Time to Go Full Digital

Time to Go Full Digital

The current situation with the coronavirus is absolutely unprecedented. We’ve outlined some steps for businesses to take and work around the physical restrictions that may impact them. Your business can navigate and take advantage of the always-on digital world.

5 Good Habits of Digital Marketers

5 good habits of digital marketers

Good habits of digital marketers? What are they then?

I’ll come clean straight away on this post – I was reading a blog post one of my predecessors had written about 18 months ago entitled 5 Bad Habits of Digital Marketers and my first thought was – why the negative slant?

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