Captivating graphic design for aspiring companies in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and the Thames Valley.

Marketing has always been and will continue to be as much about art as it is about science, and since launching Clever Marketing 13 years ago, we are still one of the very few agencies to have a full-time team of in-house graphic designers with experience in creating for both traditional and new media.

Finding the perfect mix of creativity and experience is no easy task, which is why we value our team and the combination of innovation and real-world experience so highly.

Design for the sake of design is not what we are about. Every design we produce is carefully considered and matched to a specific business need to ensure the result delivers on campaign goals.

Our design, development and campaign teams work together to ‘join the dots’ on every project we are commissioned for, regardless of your chosen media. We put more than just our heart and soul into our designs; in fact, we put the collective knowledge and business acumen of the whole team to deliver business development for you through digital marketing.

What makes Clever Marketing design different? In two words… our designers. With them on your team, we can ensure your design work will:

  • Be engaging and eye-catching
  • Reflect the character and personality of your business
  • Comply with best practice across all media formats
  • Be professionally created
  • Be delivered on time and on brief
  • Contain that indefinable X-factor

Effective design will always focus on the goals and be a reflection of the company we create it for. Contact us today and challenge us with a project for one of the areas below.






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