Clever Marketing is a passionate, results-driven digital marketing agency with a wealth of experience across the spectrum of today’s marketing technologies and solutions.

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We are not like other agencies.

Of course, we create marketing campaigns, design and develop new websites, conduct digital marketing campaigns and do graphic design – but lots of agencies can do that. That is a given.

The Reason why Customers love working with us.

We enjoy working really closely with our customers. We help challenge them to get to the heart of their problems, we push them to identify what sets them apart and realise which digital marketing solutions will suit them best.

Some clients don’t want to be challenged, but the most ambitious and successful businesses always “take the red pill” and journey with us to “stay in Wonderland” and see “how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

  • We simplify the complex.

Marketing, more specifically digital marketing, can be a very complicated subject and one which takes many years to master. We appreciate that not everyone understands this – so we’re here to unravel the mysteries for you.

  • We pride ourselves in our customer service.

We are so often considered to be the digital marketing department of our customers. Clever Marketing will craft your long-term digital strategies and are often called on for those short-term, last-minute tactical requests such as “…could you just produce a business card, a prospectus or annual report for us?” Of course we can.

  • Proud not just to do a job, but to do the best job possible.

It makes us happy – and ultimately exceeds the expectations of our customers.

The consequence of this approach is that we tend to have loyal customers who treat us like equals and with whom we can have a healthy discussion with – to produce the best work.

They are supported by our team, which are a close-knit bunch that works brilliantly together, drawing on individual strengths to produce creative work that get them noticed and meets their brief.

Our clients choose us because we provide the complete package. With years of experience in traditional graphic design and print skills, combined with technical heads that have understood digital since the heady days of the dot-com boom, we are a truly clever marketing team.

Just looking at our heads of department, they have 100+ years of experience in the design and digital arena and you can take advantage of their know-how by calling Clever Marketing and securing their services as your creative partner.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager to ensure your project runs smoothly, engaging you in every aspect of the journey to success.

Call us and ask how we can help your business.

We’re on 01276 534680 for a chat right now or complete our ONLINE FORM.


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“I have used Clever Marketing for the design of our prospectus for the past two years and have been really pleased with the quality of their work.”



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