Video and Animation

Bring your message to life with creative video and animation

Stand out and boost conversion rates

Video and animation is a great way to showcase your products, explain how they work and inspire potential customers to take action and convert.
Statistics show that including a video in your landing page can increase your conversion rate by a whopping 80%!

Bring your ideas to life with a creative visual display to tell your story.

Video animation
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Explain complex concepts quickly​
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Visually showcase
your products
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Display brand
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Our video animation services:

Video animation for Hiperdist/Netapp

Featured work


Caltest were looking for a way to showcase their business and explain their products and solutions. We worked with them to create this video which now sits on their homepage as the perfect introduction to their business.


Our client RedTeq came to us for a solution to explain their unique innovation; the RedTeq UVC Disinfection Portal. We recommended animation, there are several types we used ‘Motion Flow’ we worked on a storyboard, script, animation and then the voice over. The result was excellent.

The process for our video and animations is simple:


Concept and scripting

Working with our in-house team of graphic designers and copywriters we will create an initial concept and script ensuring your brand messaging is on point and visuals are engaging.



You will work with one of our dedicated account managers to ensure the story of your video flows correctly and at pace to captivate your audience.


Voice over and soundtracks

You will be able to choose from hundreds of our VoiceOver artists and soundtracks; you can be sure a match for your video will be found.



Let us get to work on the exciting part of your project and bring your story to life.



There are plenty of ways to distribute your new animation through your website, dedicated landing pages, social media channels. You could even use this in one of our Digital Brochure solutions.

Get started with a free consultation

Speak with our team of in-house experts to see how you can get started today.

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