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Whether you are looking to increase visibility and leads through search engines or social platforms, Clever Marketing are here to help ensure you drive business development through Pay-Per-click (PPC) channels.

Professionally managed PPC campaigns deliver increased brand awareness and lead generation, helping you to achieve your business goals via paid search.

The key to effective PPC management is clear strategy and data interpretation. With these two aspects and expert handling of PPC tools and platforms, you can increase visibility, deliver leads, and achieve true Return on Investment (ROI).

Clever Marketing will partner with you to cover everything needed to deliver business development through PPC.

We will…

  • Match products, keywords and audience, ensuring maximum visibility
  • Optimise ad content on specific search terms, reducing cost per click (CPC)
  • Create captivating designs and persuasive copy for maximum engagement
  • Create dedicated landing pages to drive lead conversion
  • Provide metrics and reporting, giving visibility to all internal stakeholders
  • Manage budget and Cost Per Click (CPC) to deliver increased ROI
  • Turn PPC into something you want to do rather than something you have to do

Clever Marketing PPC Management

Individually, each of the PPC platforms is a powerful tool in its own right, but only when you combine them do they truly become more than the sum of their parts and deliver the ROI you need as a business.

Remember that PPC is far more than Google Ads, and while this service is undoubtedly the biggest and most well known, a diversified strategy that encompasses all available options will always deliver better results than a single channel ever could.

PPC advertising platforms working together

Clever Marketing’s three steps to successful PPC

To leverage these platforms effectively, you will need a robust process, and Clever Marketing have built ours on the following pillars:

  • Strategy: Understand your audience, understand your competition and understand yourself
  • Technology: Understand the platforms, where they are strong, where they are weaker and how they can be used together
  • People: Make our expertise your expertise

Your PPC is precious, and you need to partner with an agency that has experts in both how the technology works and how it should be leveraged for effective business results. Simply following the path laid out by the service providers is a sure-fire way to create campaigns that will tick all the boxes while missing the mark, and so you need to engage with the experts who can answer all your questions and then go further.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services FAQs

PPC stands for Per Pay Click, this is a digital marketing model where businesses pay a fee to the advertising platform, (such as Google & Facebook), each time someone clicks on their adverts.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is when a business promotes their products or services to people on a specific platform (such as Google & Facebook) using the PPC digital marketing model. Whereas, Cost Per Click (CPC) is a metric that the platform uses to inform the business on how much they are charged each time someone clicks on their advert.

Popular search engine platforms such as Google and Bing offer PPC services. Similarly, popular social media network platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many others also offer businesses the ability to do PPC advertisements.

With Search Engine PPC platforms, businesses can bid on specific keywords that are relevant to their business, (and can also bid on audiences, location, devices and other factors). Social media networks, businesses have the ability to target people based on their interests, behaviours on the platform, and other factors. Once a person clicks the advert to visit the business’s website or someone watches the business’ video advert, a fee is charged by the PPC platform.

The goal is to achieve the business aim (be it brand awareness or lead generation) using the PPC model to advertise to a targeted audience at a relatively low PPC fee.

  • Paid Search Advertising – search engine advertising, your adverts are shown on platforms such as Google and Bing.
  • Paid Social Advertising – social media advertising, your adverts are shown on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Display Advertising – image adverts, your adverts are shown on other websites and apps.
  • Remarketing Advertising, – your adverts are shown to previous customers and website visitors to reengage them with your business.
  • Video/Instream Advertising – video adverts, your adverts are shown on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Paid Inbox Advertising – inbox adverts, your adverts are shown on target audience emails when they use platforms such as Gmail, Messenger & LinkedIn.

The cost of PPC campaigns varies from business to business, however PPC can be extremely effective even for companies with small advertising budgets.

You can start PPC advertising by joining a PPC advertising platform like Google. However, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from an expert in the chosen platform because without much knowledge of the platform, it is very easy to overspend your advertising budget without results in a matter of hours or days.

You can contact the PPC experts at Clever Marketing for advice on your PPC advertising campaigns.

PPC Case Studies

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