How to Make Twitter Work for your Business

Actually doing social media right

As a marketing professional, you’ll know that Twitter has long outgrown its original identity as a platform exclusively for celebrities, and has transformed into a powerful marketing tool for brands. Having gone from strength to strength in its eight year lifespan, an impressive 500 million tweets are now sent on an average day. It’s obvious that Twitter isn’t going anywhere, and brands who are yet to embrace it are missing key promotional opportunities.

How ‘Social’ are you? Building a Cross-Platform Presence for Your Brand

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You’ll know by now that making your digital channel a success is about so much more than building a website. Social media has brought brands and consumers closer together than ever before – your audience now has access to multiple new touch-points with you, providing more opportunities to build up meaningful and profitable relationships. Led by Facebook, the number of social networks has grown considerably in recent years.

5 Easy Steps to Ensure Your Blog Gets Noticed

5 easy tips to ensure your blog gets noticed

The popularity of free and intuitive blogging platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress, has meant that anyone with an internet connection can now create a blog and publish their opinions to their heart’s content.

Avoid Being Pigeonholed by Customers

Avoid being pigeonholed by customers

Many of us often wrongly assume that our customers fully understand the length and breadth of our service or product offering. It can then come as quite a shock when they say “Oh I didn’t know you did that.” And it can be particularly galling when they turn to one of your competitors for that […]