Digital Brochures Reduce Carbon for ESG and B Corps

Talking with one of our clients this week we were delighted to discuss their commitment to reduce carbon with digital brochures.

Being an incredibly traditional business (Over 250 years old), they’d always used printed brochures, and with great success. However, their new leadership team are now modernising the firm.

The reasoning behind their increasing transition from print to digital is their aim to reduce their carbon footprint. The new corporate team are looking to decrease their print and paper usage and go more digital. Looking at their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments and ambition to become a B Corp, our client is pivoting from traditional print to almost full-on digital media.

In Praise of Print

Of course, as a full-service digital marketing agency, we still do a lot of graphic design for print media. Traditional print is still essential, from signage and event marketing materials to brochures and flyers.

Sometimes, presenting your organisation in a printed format can lead to a breakthrough, helping your firm stand out when all your competitors are either 100% digital or do not have a physical, printed presence.

A personalised, targeted print campaign can often be the channel that scores a win amongst the thousands of emails that could be sent, or flood of display ads in a PPC campaign.

Print design still has its uses.

The Benefits of Going Digital

There are, however, times when print isn’t always the right solution.

A typo in a large print run can mean that every piece of media has a mistake that you really hope doesn’t get noticed. If it’s minor, you could get away with it.

And what if something stops your traditional campaign in its tracks? You could be left with boxes of printed brochures that may never see the light of day. Not to mention the expense of having them printed, the now wasted use of valuable raw materials, and on top of it all, the inconvenience of storage.

This is where digital brochures come into play.

Is there a mistake or imperfection in the brochure? You can correct it on the fly and avoid embarrassing typographical errors. Need to add something of further value? Easy, just edit the digital publication and save the latest version.

Digital is so incredibly versatile.

ESG and B Corp

Whilst Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) frameworks are not for every business, for the larger firms we work with, it’s an important aspect of their positive commercial direction.

Investors, employees, and consumers now look for firms’ ESG credentials to make decisions upon whether they will invest in, work for, or use a particular company’s products or services.

This leads on to further advantages such as improving those investor and customer relationships, risk management, brand reputation, and even employee morale.

ESG is becoming increasingly relevant to business.

As for B Corp, or the B Corporation, that’s an even more rigorous standard with higher levels of social and environmental performance. B Corps you may know include Patagonia, the outdoor clothing manufacturer, Innocent Drinks, the well-known makers of smoothies, The Body Shop, and of course, Greenpeace.

Firms aspiring to become ESG and B Corps will be looking at their carbon footprint, and digital brochures can help to reduce CO2 and steer organisations in a more environmentally conscious direction.

More Than Just a Brochure

Whilst a beautiful, tactile, glossy printed brochure can be a thing of wonder in your hands, digital brochures have the advantage of being more than just great graphic design, folded paper and magnificent print processes.

With a digital brochure you can measure your open rates, see which pages were most popular, add animation to engage and inform your readers, and even include forms so that your customers can get in touch.

Our digital design services bring a bit of magic to an otherwise static media, and our graphic design agency can help you reduce your CO2 emissions.

If your business is looking to improve its ESG credentials or is aiming for the lofty B Corp status, we can help. Our designers have experience in everything digital from brand design to company and annual reports.

For all your digital materials, get in touch with Clever Marketing today.

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