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Saving money on AdWords

Quickly Saving Money on an AdWords Campaign

Saving money on AdWords is something we genuinely enjoy doing for our clients here at Clever Marketing. We get a lot of enquiries for assistance with PPC campaigns and many of them are from businesses who’ve not been looked after properly. Priding ourselves on great service, we love taking on these new clients and showing […]


Google Speed Update Threatens Slow Mobile Sites

Google Speed Update Threat to Slow Mobile Sites

Every month we work on custom SEO reports for our digital marketing clients. One issue we always look at is how our clients’ websites are performing on mobile. Why? Because mobile has become a massive part of search in recent years. When I had my first mobile phone nearly 20 years ago (a Nokia 7110) it […]


Google Mobile-first indexing

Google Starts Indexing Mobile-First

The Google search engine has always crawled and indexed desktop sites. For a long time that’s how we all consumed websites – on once-expensive desk-bound Personal Computers. Then when laptops became affordable, they started to become the new desktop machines [I’ve got two on my desk right now – Ed] The mobile web took longer […]