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DIY SEO vs Using a Digital Agency

You’ve got a brand-new website design and now you need traffic and leads to drive sales for your business. What do you do next? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an effective way to raise your...





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Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

  Clever Marketing would like to pay its respects to Queen Elizabeth II who died yesterday. The team here have all been saddened by the loss of our longest serving monarch, who reigned over the...

How We Do SEO: Digital Marketing Insights

We’ve seen many blog posts extolling the virtues of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), telling you what you should to optimise your website. However, we don’t recall seeing any articles about how to actually go about...

Here Comes the Google Helpful Content Update

Google has announced its latest “helpful content update” which will help articles written by humans for humans rank better than content developed purely to trick the search engines…

The Most Valuable Tools at Our Digital Agency

Chatting with one of our graphic designers the other day, a question was asked: “What is the most valuable tool you work with?” Now that is a great question. In over thirty years working in...

Getting Your Business Noticed Online

As a full-service marketing agency we’re going to talk about getting your business noticed from a digital perspective. That means all the online tactics and digital strategies… Organic Listings When you first build your website,...

5 Good Reasons to Maintain Your Marketing Budget

  Whenever there’s talk about an economic downturn, or even a recession, the commercial conversations usually turn the subject of marketing and, more specifically, speculation about reducing marketing spend.     It happened during the...

Landing Page Design with SEO in Mind

Landing page design is the creation of webpages purely for advertising or marketing campaigns, with the primary goal of converting visitors into customers or subscribers. However, whilst digital marketers have made the landing page this...

Google I/O 2022 and the Future of Digital Marketing

At yesterday’s Google I/O 2022 developer conference, the company revealed a number of plans for upgrades to both search and Maps, hinting at a greater use of augmented reality. Google also announced new hardware in...

Web Design: Why You Should Start with Content

Web design should start with content. Form Follows Function Websites exist to inform and entertain, communicate, and serve, so content is the basis for any web design. It should then go without saying that every...

Practical SEO: Website Audits

TLDR; Conduct an SEO website audit manually, with a skilled analyst, or use one of a number of great toolsets/software. If after all that, you’re still struggling to identify issues and improve your website performance,...

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