July 1st Switch Off for Universal Analytics

In just a few days’ time Google will be switching off their Universal Analytics (UA). So if you open up your old Google Analytics dashboard and see nothing or, until then, an ominous countdown… that’s because you’re using the wrong tool!

Hopefully, you set up the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) didn’t you? Yes, we know it’s a very different tool; Universal Analytics is a legacy web analytics platform and we’ve all become used to its familiar layout, tools, and reports. But GA4 is a modern measuring tool, with an event-based engine allowing you to measure every interaction with your website or app.

But never fear, Clever Marketing’s here…

If you catch us before Monday, the 1st of July, we may be able to help you migrate from UA to GA4. If not, then we can still help you set up GA4 for your company website.

Other Tools are Available

What’s more, if you did miss the boat on setting up GA4, what else are you missing? Do you have Google Search Console set up properly? Did you also set up Bing Webmaster Tools? Are you looking at how visitors interact with your webpages using Hotjar or Microsoft Clarity? Are you using Facebook and LinkedIn pixels to build audiences of potential customers? Or how about Google Tag Manager, you have that on your website efficiently deploying all your tags, right?

Whatever you need to make your digital marketing more effective, CMUK has a solution.

From setting up the fundamental measuring tools, to keyword research, SEO audits, PPC campaigns, and even web design and development, we have the skills, experience, and technology to rebuild your website and take it the next level.

So let us know if you need any assistance migrating or setting up GA4, and if there are any other great things we can do to boost your business, get in touch today!

Logo of Clever Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. Universal Analytics is being switched off on 1st July 2024, so you’ll no longer be able to use it. For help switching to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) call Clever Marketing’s experts on 01276 402 381 or complete the contact form now.