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5 Signs You Have a Good PPC Manager

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is all about buying visits for your website, rather than gaining visitors organically. So it’s essential you have a good PPC Manager or digital marketing agency partner. After all, everyone wants to be rewarded by search engines for devising great PPC campaigns that are relevant, targeted and effective.

To ensure lead generation it’s fundamental you have a good PPC Manager. But what kind of traits should you be looking for?

Business understanding.

Whether you have a PPC Manager in-house or you’re using a digital marketing agency like Clever Marketing, both must have a good grasp of your business. Not just the products or services you provide but how the business makes money and what the value of each lead is.

Proactive approach.

Your PPC Manager should always advise on which strategy will generate the results you require. It’s not just about the tactical activity. Good PPC Managers really focus on your business and seek out those opportunities for you. This doesn’t just mean the leads and revenue that was generated yesterday but understanding wins and the losses as well as making necessary adjustments. A proactive PPC Manager will also test your accounts more often and be on top of the results so you can gain a competitive advantage.

Always on the ball.

You want your PPC Manager to be continually asking questions about the results of a campaign, spot any consistencies and verify your budget is on track. This is in addition to checking the top spenders, verifying ad positions and following channel performance. New campaigns, ad groups and keywords need to be watched carefully too so that any amends can be made swiftly.

Calm under pressure.

A good PPC Manager will always be testing and willing to take risks. It’s a great way to stay ahead of the curve. They should be calm under pressure too. If something is not working, they must be able to find the source of the problem and get it back on track. Good communications skills are essential to ensure all relevant parties are kept fully up to date.


A good PPC Manager will review your PPC account regularly. Frequent monitoring is the most effective way to ensure your paid campaign’s a success. Review your accounts weekly and more frequently for new campaigns. It takes time to filter out the irrelevant searches so this is especially important.

Data is a key part of paid search with conversion rates, analysis, landing pages and ads all providing essential information. A good PPC Manager or PPC management agency will discuss conversions, margins and return on ad spend (ROAS) with you so you can get the best return on investment.

We have expertise in Google Ads and Bing Ads as well as Facebook advertising and LinkedIn paid media.

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New Digital Marketing Manager for Clever Marketing

Clever Marketing would like to welcome onboard the new Digital Marketing Manager, Paul Mackenzie Ross.

Paul joins us from Johnson & Johnson where he was a project manager, working on a global brand portfolio of 26 websites in 15 different languages across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Prior to that Paul has worked for the charitable sector in social media outreach at Guide Dogs, as webmaster for Cycling UK and a multitude of roles in the commercial sector including web designer, developer, copywriter, and editor at the business advice website is4profit.

Throughout his 17 years as a professional digital marketing consultant, Paul has always been at the forefront of SEO and digital marketing. He has vast experience of SEO, PPC and social media strategies for startup and small business websites, national charities and global mega brands. His focus has been mainly on a basis of sound technical SEO with content management and marketing to drive inbound leads.

Paul’s portfolio at Clever Marketing now includes SEO for law firms & specialist industrial manufacturers, PPC for business development companies and social media for local government, amongst many other channels.

Speaking of his appointment Paul says:

“I’ve really enjoyed working for charitable organisations and, most recently, a global corporation, but I’m relishing the challenge of helping SMEs again.

It’s always great to see how well a digital account is performing and then use all the tools and knowledge of the last 17 years to get these websites ranking higher than bigger and better-financed competitors. I love helping firms to punch well above their weight.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what new digital marketing manager Paul can do for our client list with his wealth of experience.

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