The Importance of A/B Testing to Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing can be expensive but A/B testing is crucial. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, you need to know that your limited budget and resources are being directed into a practice that will deliver the best Return On Investment (ROI).

Five Reasons Why Print Ads are Still Relevant in an Increasingly Digital World

Print ads are still relevant

The internet will constantly tell you that print is dead. That newspaper and magazine ads have had their day, and you should focus all of your efforts and budget into your online presence and digital ads. In fact, more and more brands are pulling out of the print arena altogether. Should you, too? Hold On […]

Brand Collaboration: Is it Right for your Business?

Forming strategic alliances with other brands can be a cost-effective and mutually beneficial way to both market your business and produce content. Brand collaboration can take many forms; from actively promoting each other on social media, to co-branding and launching a new product.

The Essential Marketing Toolkit for Small Businesses

Clever Marketing, digital agency in Hampshire.

In your first few years of business, everything can seem a bit overwhelming. You’ve built your company from the ground up and acquired a small but loyal client base, but now people are telling you that you need to market yourself, too. Where do you start?

The Pros and Cons of Marketing Automation

If you want to play ball with the top dogs of marketing, you need to look at their tactics. One method which has become increasingly popular in recent years with companies of all sizes is marketing automation.

How to Make Twitter Work for your Business

As a marketing professional, you’ll know that Twitter has long outgrown its original identity as a platform exclusively for celebrities, and has transformed into a powerful marketing tool for brands. Having gone from strength to strength in its eight year lifespan, an impressive 500 million tweets are now sent on an average day. It’s obvious that Twitter isn’t going anywhere, and brands who are yet to embrace it are missing key promotional opportunities.

How ‘Social’ are you? Building a Cross-Platform Presence for Your Brand

Clever Marketing, digital agency in Hampshire.

You’ll know by now that making your digital channel a success is about so much more than building a website. Social media has brought brands and consumers closer together than ever before – your audience now has access to multiple new touch-points with you, providing more opportunities to build up meaningful and profitable relationships. Led by Facebook, the number of social networks has grown considerably in recent years.