Increase the Efficiency of your Business with Web2print

As businesses continue to move online for the majority of their processes, it seems print is no exception. Web2print is a service born out of a need for streamlined, cost-effective and flexible online print ordering solutions.

How many times have a lack of communication and disparate working documents caused delays and unnecessary spend in your organisation? This is where bespoke web2print services aim to make marketers’ lives easier by providing a flexible remedy to internal pain points.

How does Web2print work?

Web2print pioneers the idea of publishing on demand. Whether you need help managing your marketing collateral across channels, agencies and departments, or are looking for a system that allows you to make last minute changes to website landing pages and emails, Web2print services offer simple yet powerful hosted solutions. Fundamentally, by centralising product communications, web2print enables supply chain collaboration on the creation of media assets.

Using web2print you can create a safe, functional and accessible online portal of assets such as brochures, stationery, images and advertising campaigns. Also offering flexible access within your organisation, partner and reseller or distributor network, web2print systems are quickly becoming the key way for printers and businesses to communicate. Here are the top 5 ways web2print can help you increase efficiency within your business:

1. Control Your Marketing Budget

If you’re a multi-national organisation with numerous suppliers or buyers, it can become all too easy to lose track of a dwindling marketing budget, especially when it comes to the essential creation of printed assets.

Web2print solutions not only give you complete visibility over your outgoings, but also allow you to ensure marketing departments don’t overspend. You can set channel partner expectations by delegating a monthly or quarterly budget, aiding successful collaboration. By presenting your budget in an intuitive and easy to understand way, web2print allows you to take one step back and see a more holistic view, helping you to better plan strategies and expenditure. Ultimately, web2print places the creation of media firmly back in the hands of marketers.

2. Reduce Waste

When all parties are clear on expectations and what is to be produced, incorrect or redundant versions are kept to a minimum. For areas such as artwork and administration, web2print provides a slick and seamless interface for all marketing users regardless of where they are, so geographical location is no longer an issue when selecting your suppliers. Web2print also saves man hours in your organisation, meaning talented individuals are freed from tedious admin and can utilise their skills elsewhere.

The nature of this interface gives you immediate distribution to all involved parties and print is only triggered by demand, so you enjoy improved stock control and excess reduction.

3. Protect Your Brand

Have you struggled with the distribution, communication and most importantly the safeguarding of your brand guidelines and corporate identity? Web2print keeps everything immediately accessible and in one place, therefore eliminating the possibility of your brand guidelines being misunderstood or diluted as marketing materials change hands during development.

You can set pre-defined templates to minimise deviation so that everyone has access to the same resources, ensuring consistency. Your custom templates also allow repeat orders with no need to start from scratch, reducing training for your new hires and minimising any potential mistakes.

4. Save Time

Creating and executing a new campaign can be time-consuming as well as expensive. When you have a business to run, you don’t always have the time to meet with printers and discuss requirements at length. Web2print streamlines the printing process, meaning you can transition from creation to delivery in just one click.

Collaboration online makes constant face to face visits obsolete. Best of all, repeat deliveries can be automated, reducing your time to market and meaning you can focus your responsibilities elsewhere.

Web2print also has benefits for simplifying workflow. Changes and amendments can all be dealt with online by simply changing a template or reordering. Easy approval functionality and intuitive editing features serve to further improve and streamline the ordering process. Elapsed time from delivery to receipt of assets is greatly reduced with web2print, meaning you can create new media assets in seconds.

5. Gain Flexibility

Gone are the days when errors were inevitable when your job went to the printer. Web2print solutions now offer you more flexibility than ever before, as your online portal is accessible by all in the supply chain 24/7.

If last minute changes do need to be made, web2print can facilitate this, minimising any last minute panics. Many web2print systems offer flexible payment plans and options and can also be integrated with existing or legacy systems, so your data and insights can be shared throughout your organisation.

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