Digital Brochures: Is Your Business Missing Out?

Digital brochures are the online equivalent of a printed brochure – though, unlike printed brochures, a digital brochure can be brought to life with animations, sound and video.

This makes it a powerful promotional tool for your business, helping to create a great first impression and sell to your customers in an interactive way.

We offer a market leading digital brochure service, but before we tell you more, let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of digital publications.

Digital  brochures save you money

Once your digital publication has been created it can be sent to anyone in an instant. This means that you can save on printing cost and postage fees or having to worry about running out of copies – since your supply is effectively limitless.

Your publications can also be made available on your website for instant access 24/7 or downloaded for offline access. This convenience cuts out the time that a customer would have to spend waiting for a copy – and potentially going elsewhere.

Digital publications can be updated instantly

With print, a typo or change of business contact details can’t be easily fixed. You have no option but to amend the design and re-print the entire batch – which can be both costly and time-consuming.

With digital publications, changes can be made instantly. This doesn’t have to stop with simple amends either, it means that your publication can evolve over time or during seasons, with new content and features added whenever you choose.

Digital brochures can retain the features of print

A brochure, for example, can be laid out exactly like a print version with the ability to turn pages with a click. This is especially effective when viewed on tablets and other touch screen devices where a customer can swipe between pages with ease.

This reduces the ‘loss’ of transitioning from print to digital and can even convert an audience that would otherwise be sceptical of digital products.

Digital Brochures are easy to share

Unlike their printed counterparts a digital publication can be shared via links in newsletters, emails and social media posts – either alone or as part of larger scale lead generation campaigns.

They can also be circulated at events as an incentive for signups or as a quick and simple way for people to take away additional information.

Take your digital publications to the next level with Clever Marketing

We don’t just take a PDF document and convert it into a flipbook, we transform your artwork, content and ideas into full-scale interactive digital brochures.

Unlike other digital agencies, Clever Marketing started out in print, giving us a unique perspective on what works effectively when it comes to taking your publications into digital.

This means we can advise you on what works effectively, such as how much information you should share in order to whet the appetite of your potential customers and entice them to want to find out more.

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