Website Design & SEO: Forget the Hype, Embrace the Reality

Forget the skyrocket cliches, take off more realistically with Clever Marketing

When was the last time you saw a digital agency say they build “stunning” websites? Did they say they’ll create a site for your business that will “wow” or “blow away” your customers? Or how about those digital marketers who say they’ll “skyrocket” your ranking, traffic and leads? Maybe their marketing materials actually included images […]

How to Create Multi-Generational Content

How To Create Multi-Generational Content

As a marketing agency, we’ve witnessed a lot of changes in the digital landscape over the years. One of the most prominent has been how the internet has become increasingly essential for people of all ages, genders and nationalities across the world. It’s accessible to everyone – from teenage digital natives to pensioners. The only […]

12 Unexpectedly Easy Tips for Accelerating Sales

SEO tools - Seven of the best.

When it comes to boosting sales, a lot of companies think reducing prices or offering deals is the only way to do it. And yes, this is a powerful strategy – but it’s not the only way to achieve a higher conversion rate. Here are 12 remarkably simple and effective methods for accelerating your sales […]

Appealing to Different Customer Budgets

Clever Marketing, digital agency in Hampshire - Call 01276 534 680.

One thing many businesses have found over the last few years is that customer budgets have tightened and more scrutiny is given to the price of products and services. We’ve seen a number of successful businesses responding to this change in the commercial landscape with a more flexible offering, one that appeals to different business […]

Converting Leads into Sales: 3 Key Factors

Converting leads into sales - Lead generation from Hampshire SEO agency, Clever Marketing

It is great when a marketing campaign generates a sizeable pot of new business leads and warm contacts. This achievement though presents the immediate challenge of converting that interest into sales.

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