The Facebook Outage: What Can Businesses Learn?

”As a design and digital agency, we see the many business benefits of Facebook. However, the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram outage on Monday 4th October was a real eye opener. For nearly six hours, the social network, and its heavyweight subsidiaries, were offline and people across the globe were up in arms. Many people, both […]

The Digital Marketing Retainer: What’s in it?

What's in a digital marketing retainer?

We’ve spoken before about the digital marketing retainer. In particular, we discussed the notion that pay-per-lead models are more sales-oriented than marketing-led, and that’s a noble direction. However, businesses that form a trusted partnership with a design and digital agency like to know exactly what they’re getting for their money. That’s exactly what the digital […]

Why Our Digital Agency Uses WordPress

Why our digital agency uses WordPress.

WordPress is a popular platform for building websites. Depending on where you source your data, estimates indicate that there are between 64 million and 455 million websites built on WordPress. Whichever of those wildly varying figures you believe, that’s still an incredible number of sites relying on the WordPress platform to serve their audiences. Furthermore, […]

Website Information Architecture: The Importance of Getting it Right

Information architecture focus group.

Website information architecture is so important. There are so many things to consider when building a great website these day. There are immediate and obvious branding & design considerations all the way up to equally essential matters of security and website speed. Discovery meetings with a reputable and professional website design agency mean that you […]

Help! Why is my Google Analytics Keyword Data “(not provided)”?

Google Analytics keywords (not provided) for SEO professionals.

Does the following scenario sound familiar? Looking for your last month’s traffic, you log in to Google Analytics. You go to the “Acquisition” tab, then you look at the “All Traffic” tab, click the “Channels” link. Next you click on “Organic Search” and, oh no, you cannot see what the number one keyword! In its […]

Do Google Ads Work?

Do Google Ads work?

Do Google Ads Work? Yes, Google Ads work. Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords prior to July 24th, 2018) is an online advertising platform where advertisers bid to display adverts, products and videos. Ads can be placed in Google Search (the Google Search Network) and can also display on websites that display ads, apps and videos, like […]

What is Evergreen Content in Digital Marketing?

Evergreen content in digital marketing.

Evergreen content definition: Evergreen content is quality web content that stays fresh and relevant no matter when it is consumed. The Oxford English Dictionary defines evergreen as: A person or thing of enduring freshness, success, or popularity. At Clever Marketing, one essential aspect of the digital marketing strategies we develop for our clients is that […]

SEO, Web Design and Content: The Winning Combination

SEO, Web Design and Content: The Winning Combination

Designing and developing websites is both an art and a science. As an art form, web design is about being immensely creative whilst harnessing raw artistry into the disciplines of the graphic design world. The science side is in the technicality of developing a website that displays correctly across multiple devices, functions well for all users and succeeds in driving the goals of the website owners.