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What is Your Website Doing for You?

Question: What is your website doing for you?

We asked a selection of small to medium businesses this question and the most common answer we received was… “Not very much”.

For many businesses it was a case of rushing to get a site built and ensuring it was mobile-friendly, but not really having a solid idea of what to do with it after that.

Others had plenty of grand ideas for their website but lacked the time or expertise to actually put those ideas into practice.

The result? Little to no web traffic, declining search engine rankings and minimal calls and clicks.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then consider the next question…

What is the purpose of your website?

Your website needs to have a purpose and by purpose we mean it needs to offer a service, answer a question or provide some kind of useful information.

Without a purpose, your site has nothing of value to offer a searcher – which in turn means that search engines have no reason to rank it high within their indexes.

Put simply, you can’t just build a website and then expect instant results. The magic only happens if you put the time and effort into making it happen.

If, like many other successful businesses, you don’t have the time or technical expertise to focus on your website why not let Clever Marketing take care of it for you?

Take the hassle out of managing your website

Finding the time to write new content, monitor your website statistics, update software and still effectively run your business can be an impossible task.

Our team of digital experts have a wealth of experience managing client websites. So you can rest assured that your web presence is in good hands.

Take advantage of our digital marketing service and you will free yourself from the shackles of managing your website so you can better focus your efforts on growing your business.

Claim your free website audit

You could have the best website in the world. But if no one can find you then you may as well be invisible. This could be for any number of reasons and may only require a simple fix.

To help with this we offer a free website audit service that examines both your site security and performance. It covers issues such as how fast or slow your site is, whether you’re adhering to best practice and what you need to do to fix your site. We also take a look at your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and suggest ways to improve.

Give us a call so that we can discuss auditing your website for you and be sure to read the article What an Automated Audit Won’t Pick Up.

Does your website need a refresh?

A refresh of your site can make all the difference. Especially if it’s been left to stagnate for some time now since it was built.

This could range from tweaking your existing design and adding responsiveness to a complete overall as part of a re-brand.

Whatever your needs, our Web Design Service is at your disposal. We will tailor designs for almost any business size, purpose and budget.

Take control of your online success today

Clever Marketing - Hampshire Digital AgencySo, what is your website doing for you? Nothing?! Give our friendly team in Farnborough a call on 01276 534 680 for a quick chat.

Alternatively, you can fill in our easy contact form and request help with your website. Based in Hampshire, SEO, PPC and our CRO/UX expertise will help your website actually work for you.

Print's Not Dead

When was the last time your company produced a printed brochure?

The chances are that it’s been a while. After all, we live in a world where ‘going digital’ is perceived as being better – but is that always strictly true?

Take Lukas Yla from San Francisco. He needed a job so he dressed up as a delivery boy and delivered fresh doughnuts to prospective employers with a copy of his CV tucked away inside the box.

His reasoning for the idea? “Most CVs end up in the bin, but mine ends up in your belly”.

The point is, Lukas did something different to stand out from the crowd and he got noticed by pairing that unique idea with an all-important personal touch

So how does this relate to brochures? Well, let’s find out.

Farnborough Sixth Form Brochure

Printed brochures are more personal than an email

Emails can often arrive in your inbox stripped of images and styling due to strict email security. The result is rarely pretty and at times can even look unprofessional.

A beautifully designed, high-quality brochure arrives untouched with a glossy texture that reflects the light, paired with that fresh print scent that an email could never hope to replicate.

This tactile experience creates a great and lasting first impression and shows prospective customers that you have taken the time to create something worthwhile – helping to legitimise your business.

Brochures are cost effective to produce

In most cases the more brochures you print, the cheaper the cost per brochure becomes. Many printing companies will even offer further discounts to long term customers that regularly require printing services.

Compare this with other forms of advertising where the more advertising space you want, the greater your cost.

Brochures are versatile

A brochure can present information in a range of ways, from pocket sized flip books to intricate foldout designs that takes prospective customers on a visual journey.

This versatility extends to the various methods that brochures can be distributed; from direct mail and reception desks placement to prospecting new clients at events and exhibitions, where your brochure doubles up as a memorable business card.

GoFest Brochure

So what does the perfect brochure look like?

It’s easy to assume that the perfect brochure is about pairing pretty images with a list of your products and services, but the truth is, your customers don’t really care about what you have to offer, they care about what benefits them.

The perfect brochure doesn’t focus on telling, it focuses on selling – something that our Hampshire-based Graphic Design team understands all too well.

We don’t just design a brochure, we transform briefs into beautiful designs and we bring those designs to life using our dedicated in-house printing service.

Ready for your turn?

Clever Marketing - Hampshire Digital AgencyGive us a call on 01276 534 680 to find out more about our brochure design or graphic design service or to request a quote.

Alternatively feel free to complete our easy contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting to work on the perfect bespoke brochure for your business.

5 good habits of digital marketers

5 Good Habits of Digital Marketers

Good habits of digital marketers? What are they then?

I’ll come clean straight away on this post – I was reading a blog post one of my predecessors had written about 18 months ago entitled 5 Bad Habits of Digital Marketers and my first thought was – why the negative slant?

My own professional and personal take on things is far more positive. I am a realist and totally understand that things may not always go to plan. But there’s always a positive direction in my thinking and doing. Hence, why I decided to write about the 5 GOOD habits of digital marketers.

And when I thought to positively counter the original post, I actually wondered why would I list just 5 good habits of digital marketers, but here they are…

1. Always Measuring Digital Campaigns

One issue with the original blog post was about “forgetting to measure”, failing to take stock and evaluate, for a number of reasons ranging from the pace of work to fear of failure.

Well, every digital marketing campaign is under some sort of pressure, from better results to time-lines, so it’s a fact of life in the fast-paced digital world that time goes whizzing by and expectations are high for some campaigns. But that’s no excuse to “forget to measure”.

It’s a given that you should be measuring your campaigns. You cannot run an effective campaign without measurement so just do it!

The sheer amounts of data are a lot to handle at times but good digital marketers filter through all the big data and only present the important stuff to clients. More signal, less noise, to use an analogy.

The numerous tools these days, from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords – Ed) to Moz, Ahrefs and SEMrush, all have dashboards showing historical data, some more than others. So rely heavily on the tools that capture ALL data and just be aware of the ones that only show the last 90 days worth. Any digital marketer worth their salt knows which ones they are. Feel free to ask us for our professional opinion.

Download that data, label it clearly, have a good system and that will be the basis of your campaign measurement.

2. Being Cool About Data Capture

Customers, whether they’re businesses or consumers, are usually happy to divulge some data in return for information or free services. It’s acceptable these days to give some information away for free, just like we do in the Clever Marketing blog. We’re happy to give you tips and insights in the world of digital marketing, graphic design and web development, for nothing in return other than a smile on your face that we’ve helped you out. Better still is an acknowledgement or a social share and we’re always delighted when you share our blog posts and content on Twitter or over on our Facebook.

(Ultimately, we’d really love you to be a customer of ours, whether you take us on for a print job, a website redesign or an SEO/PPC campaign, but let’s just get to know each other first)

However, if you want one of our free website audits, they will take a member of our digital marketing team at least half a day to complete; that’s 4 hours out of a skilled professional’s day, so it’s not much to ask for an email address to send your report to and to take a name with which to address the person who requested the website audit.

There are times when it would be useful for us to know, in return for our knowledge, which sector you’re in, how many staff you have etc. But some recipients of your email campaign, for instance, might baulk at divulging their turnover. That’s cool, we understand.

So, go easy on the data capture. The best, most experienced digital marketing agencies know where to draw the line – what to ask, when to ask it and how often. That’s a skill that comes with experience.

3. Knowing Content is Still King

I’ve been a digital marketer for over 20 years now, being involved in SEO since 1998 and PPC since 2002. In all that time, the one thing that has always been at the heart of every website I’ve been involved in is good, solid content. Content is King, as the adage goes.

There have been some interesting situations in that journey, such as traditional marketing managers saying that some of the content on their website was just “waffle” and that it either needed to go or be completely hacked down. Only when I pointed out that the content was both technically excellent and the top-performing article on the site by a country mile, did the person in question decide not to lose a quarter or more of their traffic overnight in a hasty hack.

Or how about the content curation for one client that involved a suite of articles around one fairly short-term topic that saw them dominate the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for that term for a number of months and, for a few days, saw their traffic spike something like fifteen-fold!

Or what about the client who built a brand new website and canned nearly four years of blog posts! We’re talking about not just a loss of traffic and losing a wealth of long-tail search terms but also the investment in time, effort and cost into those valuable pieces of writing.

So, good digital marketers understand that content is king still and they have a good habit of integrating content into digital strategies, both in-house and for their customers. Content marketing can deliver a massive boost to your website and get you better results. so being serious about your current is something we will always advise you on the benefits of.

4. Selling the Sizzle Not the Steak

A traditional old sales and marketing adage you may have heard is “sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

In a nutshell, sell the benefits of the product not just the product itself. Even if the product is great and has the latest spec, top stats and all the bells & whistles, what is it that differentiates the product or service from everyone else’s? What are the benefits, and does it provide a solution to a particular problem?

We recently discussed this particular subject with a client who sells some very sophisticated equipment. We aren’t experts in their field so we don’t fully understand all the technical specifications of their product, but we asked what the practical applications were and they were happy to provide us with some real world examples.

This exact approach is a good habit of a digital marketer – all the technical specs are fine but if you can provide a solution to an existing problem then you will resonate with potential customers.

Selling the sizzle and not just the steak is where the best digital marketing agency will excel – they will mine out the benefits of your product or service and, with clever marketing, create digital marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.

5. Knowing that Specialisation is for Insects

Of course, your digital marketing agency should specialise in digital marketing, that should be a given. But it’s important that your agency has a truly holistic understanding of all the interconnected aspects of the digital and the marketing world that will help you shine to your clients.

At Clever Marketing in north-east Hampshire, we create a lot of graphic design. That often ends up in print which can be everything from business cards, to flyers and brochures, pitch books and full-on publications such as technical manuals, year end reports. There are trade and exhibition stands, you name it, we print it.

These designs can very easily cross over to your digital assets too, we’ll re-brand and refresh your website design, revitalise your e-commerce site and then drive qualified traffic to it through digital marketing – that is, through organic SEO (That’s Search Engine Optimisation), Pay Per Click and social media too.

We are a full spectrum design and digital agency and we know how virtually everything interacts. So that’s the bonus you get from a Digital Marketing Agency that also understands print, web design and web development too.

Those are the Good Habits of Digital Marketers

Clever Marketing - Hampshire SEO & Digital AgencyAt Clever Marketing we eat, sleep and breathe digital marketing so for us, it’s in our blood, it’s a daily routine and a perpetual habit. And there are many more good habits we could divulge but we’re already out of time…

If you’d like to work with our Hampshire digital marketing agency then please do pick up the phone and call 01276 534 680 or complete our contact form and we’ll be happy to be an extension of your business.

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