Question: What is your website doing for you?

We asked a selection of small to medium businesses this question and the most common answer we received was “Not very much”.

For many businesses, it was a case of rushing to get a website, ensuring it was mobile friendly, but not really having a solid idea of what to do with it after that.

Others had plenty of grand ideas for their website but lacked the time or expertise to actually put those ideas into practice.

The result? Little to no website traffic, declining search engine rankings and minimal calls and clicks.

Does this sound familiar to you? If so then consider the next question. (more…)

The chances are that it’s been a while. After all, we live in a world where ‘going digital’ is perceived as being better – but is that always strictly true?

Take Lukas Yla from San Francisco. He needed a job so he dressed up as a delivery boy and delivered fresh doughnuts to prospective employers with a copy of his CV tucked away inside the box.

His reasoning for the idea? “Most CVs end up in the bin, but mine ends up in your belly”.

The point is, Lukas did something different to stand out from the crowd and he got noticed by pairing that unique idea with an all-important personal touch

So how does this relate to brochures? Well, let’s find out.

Farnborough Sixth Form Brochure

Printed brochures are more personal than an email

Emails can often arrive in your inbox stripped of images and styling due to strict email security. The result is rarely pretty and at times can even look unprofessional.

A beautifully designed, high-quality brochure arrives untouched with a glossy texture that reflects the light, paired with that fresh print scent that an email could never hope to replicate.

This tactile experience creates a great and lasting first impression and shows prospective customers that you have taken the time to create something worthwhile – helping to legitimise your business.

Brochures are cost effective to produce

In most cases the more brochures you print, the cheaper the cost per brochure becomes. Many printing companies will even offer further discounts to long term customers that regularly require printing services.

Compare this with other forms of advertising where the more advertising space you want, the greater your cost.

Brochures are versatile

A brochure can present information in a range of ways, from pocket sized flip books to intricate foldout designs that takes prospective customers on a visual journey.

This versatility extends to the various methods that brochures can be distributed; from direct mail and reception desks placement to prospecting new clients at events and exhibitions, where your brochure doubles up as a memorable business card.

GoFest Brochure

So what does the perfect brochure look like?

It’s easy to assume that the perfect brochure is about pairing pretty images with a list of your products and services, but the truth is, your customers don’t really care about what you have to offer, they care about what benefits them.

The perfect brochure doesn’t focus on telling, it focuses on selling – something that our Woking based Graphic Design team understands all too well.

We don’t just design a brochure, we transform briefs into beautiful designs and we bring those designs to life using our dedicated in-house printing service.

Ready for your turn?

Clever Marketing - Surrey Digital AgencyGive us a call on 020 3146 4341 to find out more about our Graphic Design service or to request a quote.

Alternatively feel free to drop us an email to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you and getting to work on the perfect bespoke brochure for your business.

Good habits of digital marketers? What are they then?

I’ll come clean straight away on this post – I was reading a blog post one of my predecessors had written about 18 months ago entitled 5 Bad Habits of Digital Marketers and my first thought was – why the negative slant?

My own professional and personal take on things is far more positive. I am a realist and totally understand that things may not always go to plan. But there’s always a positive direction in my thinking and doing. Hence, why I decided to write about the 5 GOOD habits of digital marketers.

And when I thought to positively counter the original post, I actually wondered why would I list just 5 good habits of digital marketers, but here they are… (more…)

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