What is Your Website Doing for You?

By on July 21st, 2017 in Copywriting

Free website audit

What is the purpose of your website?

Your website needs to have a purpose and by purpose we mean it needs to offer a service, answer a question or provide some kind of useful information.

Without a purpose, your website has nothing of value to offer a searcher – which in turn means that search engines have no reason to rank it high within their indexes.

Put simply, you can’t just build a website and then expect instant results. The magic only happens if you put the time and effort into making it happen.

If, like many other successful businesses, you don’t have the time or technical expertise to focus on your website why not let Clever Marketing take care of it for you?

Take the hassle out of managing your website

Finding the time to write new content, monitor your website statistics, update software and still effectively run your business can be an impossible task.

Our team of digital experts have a wealth of experience managing client websites. So you can rest assured that your website is in good hands.

Take advantage of our digital marketing service and you will free yourself from the shackles of managing your website so you can better focus your efforts on growing your business.

Claim your free website audit

You could have the best website in the world. But if no one can find you then you may as well be invisible. This could be for any number of reasons and may only require a simple fix.

To help with this we offer a Free Website Audit service that examines both your website security and website performance. It covers issues such as how fast or slow your website is. We also take a look at your search engine optimisation (SEO) and suggest ways to improve.

Claim your FREE Website Audit today.

Does your website need a refresh?

A refresh of your website can make all the difference. Especially if it’s been left to stagnate for some time now since it was built.

This could range from tweaking your existing design and adding responsiveness to a complete overall as part of a re-brand.

Whatever your needs, our Web Design Service is at your disposal. We will tailor designs for almost any business size, purpose and budget.

Take control of your online success today

Clever Marketing - Hampshire Digital AgencySo, what is your website doing for you? Nothing?! Give our friendly team in Farnborough a call on 01276 534 680 for a quick chat. Alternatively, you can fill in our easy contact form with your request for help with your website.


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