What is Evergreen Content in Digital Marketing?

Evergreen content in digital marketing.

Evergreen content definition: Evergreen content is quality web content that stays fresh and relevant no matter when it is consumed. The Oxford English Dictionary defines evergreen as: A person or thing of enduring freshness, success, or popularity. At Clever Marketing, one essential aspect of the digital marketing strategies we develop for our clients is that […]

The Brands Doing Content Marketing Right: Part 2

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Back in May, part 1 of this exclusive series rounded up just some of the brands we think are doing content marketing right. We talked you through the strategy of some big names like Air BnB, Carling and General Electric.

How to Produce Good Content: The 9 Golden Rules of Content Marketing

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Although content marketing is still a relatively new idea, the message that good content equals more sales is filtering down from the niche to the masses. According to a recent study from, the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 90% of B2C marketers said they were using content marketing in 2014, compared with 84% the previous year. […]

5 Reasons Infographics Are Essential to Your Content Marketing

5 Reasons Why Infographics Should be Part of your Content Marketing Strategy

Infographics first became mainstream in content marketing a couple of years ago, and have been increasing in popularity ever since. Countless brands have used infographics to communicate data to their audiences, with successful examples belonging to LinkedIn and Samsung. But if you’re yet to hop on the bandwagon, you may wonder what infographics are, and […]