Flow Screed approached Clever Marketing needing urgent help with their PPC account. They were spending thousands of pounds per month on ads and getting just half a dozen conversions. At one point their previous agency had achieved more than a dozen conversions but at the bank-breaking cost of over £5,000 that month.

Looking at Flow Screed’s PPC account we made sure that their ads were shown only in their target market, the south east of England, and not worldwide. We made sure the ads were only shown during working hours, not 24 hours a day. We reduced the seven days a week display of ads to just five working days.

With our analysis, insights and fixes we ensured that the client’s ad spend was far more targeted than previously. Within a couple of months of taking over the account we steered it to a very healthy place. Click Through Rates (CTR) went from a historic below 1% to near 10%. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) went from hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds per lead, to less than a hundred pounds.

What did we do?

  • Improved their ad targeting
  • Removed wasted ad spend
  • Managed PPC campaigns effectively

What were the results?

  • Reduced CPA from hundreds of pounds to under one hundred pounds
  • Reduced spend by as much as 500%
  • Increased ad engagement
  • Increased Click Through Rates (CTR) from below 1% to near 10%
  • Increased leads and conversions by 400%

“We Started using Clever Marketing in June 2018, after being let down by other digital agencies. I am pleased to say we have had more enquiries than ever before.


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