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SEO Website Audits

Your SEO website audit covers a lot of bases, including:

  •  An SEO audit.
  •  A technical audit.
  •  Keyword research.
  •  A competitor analysis.
  •  A plan of action.
  •  Action, analysis, advice & reports.

What Does Your SEO Audit Improve?

Some of the things we can help you to improve from an SEO audit include: 

Webserver Speed

Before making any improvements to the actual website, the very foundation it sits on, the webserver, needs to be checked for speed and efficiency. Website speed is a ranking factor and keeping it both fast and healthy is imperative for the sake of your users and your business. 

We can identify issues and make recommendations to boost server performance. Ultimately, if there are any limitations from your existing host, we can suggest hosting solutions that will be more appropriate for your needs. 

Website Updates

Satisfied that your webserver performs optimally, we can spot areas for improvement with your website itself. 

As an example, the majority of websites we work with are on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). As the most popular CMS in the planet, WordPress is an excellent choice for many businesses but still requires careful management itself to perform at its best. 

This can often start with the choice of WordPress theme, the actual look and feel of your website. Themes vary in quality so we can recommend which themes are best and how to best manage them. 


As part of a website SEO audit, we take a good look at your images. Too often we find that images that are too large are uploaded to your website and loaded on the homepage, where a picture of a few hundred kilobytes will suffice, usually these are many megabytes. Images that are too large can slow down your website and impede the user experience. The search engines can detect slow pages due to heavy images and thus rank lighter websites over yours. 

The On-page Technical SEO

In a typical SEO audit we will look deep into the structure of your website and individual pages. Our crawl tool can identify issues with a single page, looking at everything that needs improvement such as: 

  • <title> tags – Do you have too much or too little text in there? Is it relevant? 
  • <meta> description tags – Again, do you have any text for your descriptions, too little or too much? Are you including your page’s subject matter in your description tags? 
  • <h> tags – these are your hierarchical headings, h1 to h4, sometimes more if you have a complex content structure. We can make sure you have all the right heading tags in your pages. 
  • Linksboth internal and external, are a bedrock of HTML. They link to other resources within your own website and beyond. A website SEO audit will check your links are healthy and identify broken links which will need to be fixed. 


The actual content of your pages, beyond the titles, descriptions, headings and links, is vitally important to both your business and your users.

Is your content good quality? Are you saying enough about your business, your products and your services? Is your content unique? Our SEO audits can help identify where you can improve your content, helping you gain greater visibility in search, more relevant traffic and ultimately more leads and sales. 

Continuous Improvement

Once you’ve had one website SEO audit, it’s good to regularly monitor the health of your website and see how the changes improve your site’s performance and ranking. 

If you have a particularly active website with regular updates, then making sure it performs to its best abilities is key. Making technical SEO fixes and conducting regular content management and on-page SEO will keep your site “welltuned” and in the race with your competitors. 

We can conduct ongoing audits to keep your website performing as best as it can, always identifying new opportunities for you to improve its visibility, ranking and conversion rates.

SEO website audits are an important aspect of ensuring your website is comply with SEO best practices. Our experienced digital marketing consultants recommend:

What you get:

  1. A custom, tailor-made SEO website audit for your business website.
  2. Total transparency – we show you everything we do.
  3. Plain English with explanations of all the jargon.
  4. Empowered. We help you learn from the SEO audits too.
  5. Analysis of your data to guide future technical SEO.
  6. Secure more relevant traffic, not just more traffic.
  7. Results. We analyse and explain the data, creating a long-term SEO plan with you.

There’s much more to your SEO strategy that we provide. As a PPC agency we use Bing and Google Ads data to inform our SEM work.

It’s not good enough to rank highly for obscure terms when the ones that take hard work and effort are the keywords that generate more traffic and actually generate leads.


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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a straightforward process but with many nuances. Ultimately it’s about making your website perform well in the search engines (Both in ranking and in terms of clicks)

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SEO Hampshire (Plus Berkshire, London & Surrey too)

If you need a local digital agency who understand the web, your business and how critical it is to generate quality leads, then it will be well worth your time having a chat with us.

We do:

SEO Strategy

Let’s look at your SEO data and see where your strategy is at. There is always room for improvement.

Local SEO Strategy

Just like those “digital agency near me” searches, we will help you get more visibility in local search.

Mobile SEO Strategy

Get seen in mobile search, get mobile clicks and generate leads and conversions through mobile.

Technical SEO

On-page optimisation is one thing but we can back this up with skills in technical SEO – making your server and web pages faster and more efficient.

SEO Auditing

Your website looks good but was it built well? We can not only find the issues but know how to fix them too. That’s the benefit of securing an agency like Clever Marketing to be an extension of your marketing department.