Why Clever Marketing is Your Digital and Marketing Agency This Decade

Why Clever Marketing is Your Digital Marketing Agency This Decade

Maybe you’ve considered outsourcing your digital marketing but decided against it because you feel you know your organisation better than any outsider? That’s probably true.

But do you know the best way to market your business? Do you know how to explain what you do to someone who’s never heard of you? It’s for this very reason that outsourcing pays off.

What’s your elevator pitch?

Do you have a brief, prepared statement that clearly and succinctly explains what you do and why you’re better than the competition?

Does your statement immediately spark interest? Will someone listening to it be persuaded that you can solve their problems?

It’s not easy to prepare a pitch. That’s why it makes sense to call in the experts. You carry on doing what you do best. And we’ll do what we do best – marketing your business.

Why outsource your marketing?

Even if you have your own in-house marketing team, you can end up wasting time and money on unsuccessful campaigns.

If you outsource, you get more for less. You’re paying for creativity, concepts, marketing and digital expertise.

Clever Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency. We have a team of experts under one roof – covering every aspect of creative marketing and digital wizardry.

What is a full-service digital marketing agency?

Full service means we cover every aspect of marketing, whether traditional or digital – from concept to delivery.

You can pick and choose the marketing and digital package you want from the long list of services we offer:

Digital Marketing Graphic Design Marketing Solutions Website Design & Development
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Creative Design Digital Brochures Bespoke Websites
Pay Per Click (PPC) Branding/guidelines Email Campaigns WordPress Websites
Digital Management Artworking Tele-Marketing HubSpot Websites
Content Marketing Print Management Video & Animation Landing Pages
Social Media Digital Design Videobooks .Net Development

You name it, we do.

Why we’re different to other marketing agencies

At Clever Marketing, we work collaboratively and transparently with our clients. Our team is an extension of your business, working equally hard for both large and small companies.

If you enquire about a service that we don’t believe your company needs, we’ll tell you why and offer a better solution. Ultimately, our team is determined to make a difference to your business – which is why our customers keep coming back to us.

Over the last fourteen years, Clever Marketing has offered unrivalled services with premium results – without charging the premium prices of London agencies.

Why work with an agency close to you? Because you can see who you’re working with and enjoy better communication. You’ll have a dedicated account manager to see your project through from beginning to end. [See also The Benefits of Working with a Local Design Agency – Ed]

Change the way you market your business with Clever Marketing

If you’re not happy with the response you’re getting from your current marketing efforts, isn’t it time to take a new approach?

In the ten years since our inception, we’ve embraced every new advance in technology to evolve into the creative, full service digital marketing agency we are today. Our heads of department have 100+ years of combined experience in marketing, design, digital, technical and print.

Let us become your creative partner, and we’ll show you the difference we can make to your business. Our hungry young team loves a challenge!

Clever Marketing - Hampshire Digital AgencyReady to take your digital marketing to the next level?

We are experts in PPC, Hampshire SEO consultants, marketing masters and the agency you need this decade.

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Outsource to a digital marketing agency. How about Clever?

To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

When you own a business, it’s common to have your fingers in many pies, to be part of its every function and process. You do the bookkeeping. You’re in charge of sales. You pioneer the product development. But when your business starts to grow, you might find yourself a little… stretched. It might no longer be possible to take on every single job within your business. When you’ve built it from the ground up, it can be tough to let go.

But it’s so, so worth it when you do. Not only do you suddenly have more time to dedicate to the growth side of your business rather than the day-to-day management, you suddenly get a better perspective, both in terms of the bigger picture and your competition.

To get to this point, you might consider taking on some more employees to help you out. However, full-time employees can be expensive to pay salaries to, not to mention the time and money-consuming qualities of recruitment, pensions and paid leave. You might not feel your business needs a full-time employee just yet. In any one of these scenarios, a better option might be to outsource.

What is outsourcing?

When you outsource a business function, such as website design, accounting or SEO, you give the job to a freelancer or external company. The work is taken on by someone who is not employed directly by your company. You can either pay that party a monthly retainer or pay them by the work or particular projects they complete for you. The internet has meant that it’s more and more common to outsource things digitally.

What can I outsource?

Anything. Well, most things. It’s really down to how much you feel comfortable sharing with an external third party. A lot of freelancers or companies may have contracts drawn up, or you can have them sign your NDA (non-disclosure agreement) forbidding them to pass on any confidential information if you do share it. Here are just a few ideas of things you might choose to outsource:

  • Website design and build
  • Print design
  • Print collateral
  • Copywriting
  • SEO audit and management
  • PPC management

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing?

You can bring the best experts out there into your company only when you want them, and pay them only for the time you need them. This can save you a lot of money in yearly salaries and other employee-associated benefits. If you’re not keen on one person’s work, you simply don’t have to work with them again, without the need to dismiss them.

Outsourced parties can also bring a wealth of experience with them, and they are likely to be highly skilled and specialised in one particular field. They can offer fresh perspective and ideas as they’re a little bit further removed from the day to day running of your business.

On the other side of the coin, you might choose to outsource the dull, repetitive tasks that are crucial to successful management of your company but don’t really warrant a full-time job role. Things like one-off data entry projects can easily be picked up by agencies or freelancers.

What’s the problem with Outsourcing?

The main issue with outsourcing lies with choosing your freelancer or partner business carefully. If you’re trusting them with company information or an important project, you need to make sure they’re reliable and can deliver. Read plenty of prior testimonials and speak to them about working together on a trial basis. Most good freelancers will expect this and welcome it.

In addition, it’s easy to tell if an employee isn’t pulling their weight, as you see them in the office every day. You need to have good, open and constant communication with your chosen company or freelancer to make sure there’s no disconnects or misunderstandings which could cause a project to derail. Be clear about deadlines and establish where everyone stands from the start, as it isn’t always so clear without the hierarchical structure of an office.

Where do I start?

If you think it’s time to start outsourcing, get in touch!

Clever Marketing - Hampshire Digital AgencyAs a full-service digital agency serving London and the home counties (Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey), Clever Marketing are the perfect partner to outsource your print, web design or digital marketing needs.

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