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Kennedys approached us to produce their 2020 Claims Handling Law and Practice: A Practitioner’s Guide. We have been producing these books since 2014. Since we started these books have grown this latest edition was our most ambitious yet, having grown to over 1,300 pages across 47 chapters and two volumes. We were asked to deliver the entire project by January 2021.

Kennedys has been working with Clever Marketing since 2014. They have been integral to our business in helping to deliver our Claims Handling Law and Practice: A Practitioner’s Guide. They have helped us to produce several editions of this guide, for the UK, along with a similar guide for our Latin American and US offices. Clever provided a full design agency service including project management, design, and art working, through to print, production, and fulfilment, as well as producing a digital version. It is always a pleasure to work with such a talented, creative, and reliable agency, which is why we come back to them time and time again. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business that is looking for graphic design services.

Rosie Keffe | Marketing Advisor | KENNEDYS


With any project you need a project plan, this one was no exception, especially with Covid-19 happening. We set up a digital method for accepting word documents from Kennedys and sending them back once art worked. We used teams for our face-to-face communications. Production drew upon traditional skills in typographic design and typesetting with a careful marriage of the Kennedys corporate style and established style guides like Hart’s Rules. Throughout, careful attention was paid to the presentation of key information in tables and charts as well as the many references to court cases and legislation. The project consisted of 1,300 pages across 47 chapters and two volumes. Knowledge of digital publishing was also crucial in producing a PDF version of the book that was both interactive and accessible. This was made possible with the assignment of semantic tags throughout and the generation of tables of contents and indexes that are ‘clickable’, taking the user directly to the desired page. Printing a project of this size would usually include press passes, again due to covid -19 we were unable to do this. Initially we made up dummy copies of both the slip case and the volumes to ensure that when it was printed everything worked. Our printer kept us informed all the way through the printing process, supplying us with photos and videos that were passed onto Kennedy and subsequently used for their social media channels.


Kennedys was delighted that we delivered the entire project by the end of January 2021, this included 1,300 printed books in slipcases and a digital version, they also asked us to produce a 3d animation they could use for the launch of this prestigious book.

As well as selling this book on Amazon, we have also delivered several copies to their clients and Kennedys have successfully promised this through social media, with over 4,000 views of the 3d animation.

We are just starting work on a new project for them.


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