Content+Cloud: PPC Case Study

Delivering Leads for Major IT Organisation


The challenge

Content+Cloud is an IT services and solution organisation, comprised of a number of individual business under a single umbrella; Content+Cloud, Fresh, Perspective Risk and Mirus IT Solutions. Each of these businesses offer a subtly different portfolio of services to varying target markets. Differentiating each division across paid social media had previously proven challenging. Content+Cloud engaged with Clever Marketing to develop and deliver a PPC strategy to overcome this challenge and deliver the follow KPIs;

What we did

In order to deliver against these KPIs we first needed to understand the “pain points” of the various audiences to ensure that messaging was targeted correctly. We then mapped solutions to audiences and positioned the group value proposition effectively.

We needed to consider:

We delivered a plan that broke down all of this information, along with multiple campaigns assigned to individual business units which resulted in a portfolio of:

The Results

The work to date has delivered in excess of 600 qualified leads across all business units, however that number is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Yellow Box With A Tick


cost per lead due to improved quality score of campaign assets

Yellow Box With A Tick


value per lead due to improved ROI

Yellow Box With A Tick

Better tracking of campaign assets providing

data-driven insights

It has been great working with Clever Marketing. They have consistently pushed us to look for key opportunities and despite being in such a challenging market, they always provide creative ideas and forward-thinking strategies to help us push our business forwards.

Senior Marketing Manager | Cloud + Content

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