Meet Flossy – The New UKIP Logo

New UKIP logo vs Premier League logo

The latest UKIP logo has only been out for a few hours and already it’s whipping up a storm of controversy. The story starts this morning at UKIP’s National Conference 2017 in Torquay. The United Kingdom Independence Party unveiled a couple of new logos for members to vote on – one very dull and boring, the […]

One More Good Reason to Secure your Website

October deadline for SSL certs on Google's Chromium browser- SSL your website

So, securing your website used to be as easy as SSL and now TLS. But now it’s when we deliver your site as HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. Well, that’s just another bunch of acronyms. In English, please?

Happy Birthday, HG Wells

Happy Birthday, HG Wells

Today, the 21st day of September, is the birthday of the famous British author, H.G. Wells. You may know a little about him, you may know a lot. But, as a former Woking-based business ourselves, we wanted to find out about the great once-local man and these are just some choice selections from the very […]