Does your mobile navigation make users happy?

How Mobile Navigation is Changing and How You Can Keep Up

Mobile has been big in 2015. Mobile is one of the most important areas in which to concentrate your efforts next year.

Browsing on mobile devices overtook desktop use in 2014. Mobile continues to grow in popularity, as does its influence upon shaping our browsing habits. Brands risk being left behind if they still haven’t optimised their websites for mobile.

But it it’s not enough to simply make your website responsive, and then leave it that. (We wish it was) Like the rest of the digital marketing world, the mobile dimension is constantly changing and moving forward. Mobile is consistently improving the user experience. Consumers now expect websites to keep up with the newer, slicker phone models being introduced onto the market. Users just want their online browsing to be simpler and easier.

In this post we discuss some of the most prominent recent changes in mobile navigation. It will keep you at the cutting edge of mobile digital marketing development. Additionally, it will help you to impress your users with a forward-thinking and easy to use website. We’ll share some extra tips and tricks to help you keep improving your mobile navigation. Ready to start? Read more