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5 Signs You Have a Good PPC Manager

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is all about buying visits for your website, rather than gaining visitors organically. So it’s essential you have a good PPC Manager or digital marketing agency partner. After all, everyone wants to be rewarded by search engines for devising great PPC campaigns that are relevant, targeted and effective.

To ensure lead generation it’s fundamental you have a good PPC Manager. But what kind of traits should you be looking for?

Business understanding.

Whether you have a PPC Manager in-house or you’re using a digital marketing agency like Clever Marketing, both must have a good grasp of your business. Not just the products or services you provide but how the business makes money and what the value of each lead is.

Proactive approach.

Your PPC Manager should always advise on which strategy will generate the results you require. It’s not just about the tactical activity. Good PPC Managers really focus on your business and seek out those opportunities for you. This doesn’t just mean the leads and revenue that was generated yesterday but understanding wins and the losses as well as making necessary adjustments. A proactive PPC Manager will also test your accounts more often and be on top of the results so you can gain a competitive advantage.

Always on the ball.

You want your PPC Manager to be continually asking questions about the results of a campaign, spot any consistencies and verify your budget is on track. This is in addition to checking the top spenders, verifying ad positions and following channel performance. New campaigns, ad groups and keywords need to be watched carefully too so that any amends can be made swiftly.

Calm under pressure.

A good PPC Manager will always be testing and willing to take risks. It’s a great way to stay ahead of the curve. They should be calm under pressure too. If something is not working, they must be able to find the source of the problem and get it back on track. Good communications skills are essential to ensure all relevant parties are kept fully up to date.


A good PPC Manager will review your PPC account regularly. Frequent monitoring is the most effective way to ensure your paid campaign’s a success. Review your accounts weekly and more frequently for new campaigns. It takes time to filter out the irrelevant searches so this is especially important.

Data is a key part of paid search with conversion rates, analysis, landing pages and ads all providing essential information. A good PPC Manager or PPC management agency will discuss conversions, margins and return on ad spend (ROAS) with you so you can get the best return on investment.

We have expertise in Google Ads and Bing Ads as well as Facebook advertising and LinkedIn paid media.

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It’s Not All About Google. What About Bing?

The story of Google and Bing is straight out of a comic book or film: it’s a classic case of one character getting overshadowed by the bigger, showier one. In the SEO world, we always talk about what Google is looking for. What Google wants. In fact, Google is so gargantuan and all-encompassing in its power and reach, that it’s easy to forget that other search engines actually exist.

So what about Bing, Microsoft’s search engine – should you be paying attention? Sure, it hasn’t worked its way into people’s everyday habits and lexicon in quite the way that Google has (have you ever heard anyone say “Bing it” as a way of finding the answer to an obscure question? Didn’t think so). But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it entirely when thinking about your marketing, and particularly PPC, strategy. Here’s why.

How is Bing different from Google?

Bing started life as Windows Live Search – and was then revamped in an attempt to steal some of Google’s thunder. Its many contrasts with Google range from the aesthetic – the homepage is colourful and busy; large-scale graphics and music are a sharp departure from Google’s sterile, white page – to the strategic – Bing powers Yahoo Search, upping their market share. The two combined now account for 1 in 3 US searches, according to comScore.

Like Google, Bing offers more than just a search engine. Maps, SEO and travel are just a few of the additional services offered.

While it’s unlikely that Bing will topple Google anytime soon, it’s worth knowing a thing or two about Bing, as it looks as though it’s sticking around – Comscore also discovered that Bing has enjoyed a 20% rise in the UK over the last 12 months. Apparently, 1 in 5 UK users now use Bing.

What advantages does Bing hold for the digital marketer?

The main draw that Bing offers is value for money when it comes to your PPC campaigns. According to Econsultancy, Bing Ads (Now called Microsoft Advertising) have an average CPC (cost per click) of $0.75 compared to $0.93 on Google. This is especially effective when targeting older users (55-64-year-olds), as Bing is traditionally weighted toward this market.

And although cost is obviously important, Bing offers a number of other advantages when it comes to your PPC campaigns. One of the most interesting is that earlier this year, Bing introduced a change to their service which allows marketers to target users effectively, regardless of device. How does it work? Marketers can create a single PPC campaign, instead of one for users on desktop, tablet on mobile. This not only saves time and effort but budget, too.

In addition, Bing is constantly adding new features to improve its ad offering to marketers. Earlier this month, it added a new data visualisation tool to help you understand how many searches your Bing ads are reaching, as well as the demographic and location of your searchers.

“But I don’t have time to cater to two search engines!”

This is a common complaint amongst brands and one of the main reasons (alongside dismissing Bing as not worth the effort) that more people aren’t creating campaigns with Bing in mind. However, this problem can be combated by using a cross-channel advertising cloud tool, which will allow you to optimise keywords for both Google and Bing from the same interface.

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