Marketing complex technology solutions requires a specialised set of skills to ensure that the message is delivered effectively. There are 5 key questions you will need to address in order to deliver a technology-based campaign that works, and Clever Marketing have the experience and expertise to ensure you answer them all well.

5 Key questions

  1. What is my problem? – Helping people understand what their problem actually is, will be an important first step in becoming their trusted technology advisor.
  2. What solutions are available to solve it? – Show them that technology can offer a solution to their problem
  3. What are the business benefits of your solution? – Explain the business benefits of your solution, how will it make their business run more effectively?
  4. Why is your solution better than your competitors? – Compare your solution to the competition and explain why yours is the best 5. How does it work? – Only once you have the context of business benefits do you explain the technical aspects of your solution.
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All too often technology campaigns will skip the first 4 steps and start with a technical breakdown of the capabilities of their solution, mistakenly favouring “how” over the more relevant questions of “What & Why”.

Clever Marketing have worked with the largest technology companies offering some of the most complex solutions on the market, from Hyperconverged systems, Virtualisation, Software Defined environments and Cloud (Public, Private & Hybrid), all the way down to End Point Security, Consumables and Peripherals. We understand the complex and overlapping nature of these solutions as well as the unique needs of the wide customer base with a footprint across all vertical markets and company sizes.

Our knowledge comes from experience and through delivering campaigns for Microsoft, HPE, IBM. Oracle, VMware, Dell and Lenovo as well as a myriad of SMB Technology Services Providers.

Our technology clients trust us with their …

Website Design

Whether you want a refresh of a current site or are looking to build a brand-new asset from the ground up, Clever Marketing have all the skills needed to deliver a slick, professional and cost-effective website that will deliver results.

Landing Pages

Ideal for targeted and subject related campaigns, a well-conceived landing page will increase your lead potential whilst reducing the cost per click through major search and social channel. Give your campaigns the best chance for success by speaking with Clever Marketing.

LinkedIn Adverts

Pay per click is no longer just limited to search engines, major social platforms like LinkedIn offer the chance to engage targeted audiences through a PPC model. Understanding how these vehicles can deliver ROI is what Clever Marketing do best!


Pay-per-click advertising is a high cost-effective method of driving targeted traffic to either you website or dedicated campaign landing page. Our PPC experts are able to analyse your service and match that back to relevant searches to ensure ROI on your PPC budget.


Articulating who you are and what you do is an art-form in and of itself and has never been more important than it is right now. Delivering your message in a concise but engaging way is the door to success regardless of your medium of choice and Clever Marketing have the wordsmiths able to do exactly that.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the methodology through which we ensure your website is seen by those most likely to requires the products and services you offer. We leverage best practice and the experience of our SEO experts to deliver rankings and visibility.