Hospitality & Leisure

The hospitality and leisure sector, from tourism and travel to sports and entertainment, has been one of the hardest hit industries over the past year. With that said, it is certainly the most missed from a consumer perspective.

It is therefore vital organisations that fall within these categories not only focus on creating and maintaining positive customer experience but use an integrated marketing campaign to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Website audit

But before planning your marketing campaign, you need to ensure your website is completely fit for purpose. This is often the first impression you give to your potential customers and is accessible to anyone in an increasingly digitally active consumer base.

Clever Marketing work with clients from all corners of the hospitality and leisure sector, including pubs, restaurants and golf clubs. Running projects from new websites and e-commerce sites to complete rebrands.

Your business can count on us to have the knowledge and skills to ensure you have what it takes to stick out in an industry where customers expect to be digitally interacting with brands more and more.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Clever Marketing for your next digital project

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Our hospitality & leisure clients trust us with their …

Website Design

Whether you want a refresh of a current site or are looking to build a brand-new asset from the ground up, Clever Marketing have all the skills needed to deliver a slick, professional and cost-effective website that will deliver results.

Landing Pages

Ideal for targeted and subject related campaigns, a well-conceived landing page will increase your lead potential whilst reducing the cost per click through major search and social channel. Give your campaigns the best chance for success by speaking with Clever Marketing.

LinkedIn Adverts

Pay per click is no longer just limited to search engines, major social platforms like LinkedIn offer the chance to engage targeted audiences through a PPC model. Understanding how these vehicles can deliver ROI is what Clever Marketing do best!


Pay-per-click advertising is a high cost-effective method of driving targeted traffic to either you website or dedicated campaign landing page. Our PPC experts are able to analyse your service and match that back to relevant searches to ensure ROI on your PPC budget.


Articulating who you are and what you do is an art-form in and of itself and has never been more important than it is right now. Delivering your message in a concise but engaging way is the door to success regardless of your medium of choice and Clever Marketing have the wordsmiths able to do exactly that.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the methodology through which we ensure your website is seen by those most likely to requires the products and services you offer. We leverage best practice and the experience of our SEO experts to deliver rankings and visibility.