IDBS is a leading provider of advanced software for Research & Development organisations which need to manage, capture, share and use data efficiently.

IDBS found Clever Marketing through a Google search.

Not an ideal match on paper:

They were looking from a PPC-only web agency. We responded that our services are broader than one digital specialism as we believe that for a company to maximise its web presence you need to take a more holistic approach.

In the proposal IDBS sent us – they identified some key metrics that they wanted to hit: click thru rates, quality scores etc. We responded back we thought that some of these numbers were unrealistic and the reasons why that was the case.

They liked our approach and our honesty and chose us.


What did we do?

  • We optimised the connectivity between Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics and Google Ads and thereby helped them improve their tracking systems.
  • We built better PPC ads

What were the results?

  • Conversions increased by 30%
  • Increased session durations by 10%
  • Decreased bounce rate by 5%
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