Marketing Video & Animation, Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire.

The simple fact is, video works – and that’s not really a surprise, all things considered. As humans, our primary senses are sight and sound, and video uses both of these to deliver a message in a far more meaningful way than perhaps any other.

A 20-page document can be condensed and fully explained in a 30-second video or animation, as long as the video has been well-crafted and structured.

A professionally produced video or animation can:

  • Explain complex concepts quickly and effectively
  • Showcase products and services
  • Underline your company credentials and promote your brand
  • Increase traffic on both websites and through demand generation campaigns

The process for your animation is simple:

Clever Marketing has all the resources and experience required to deliver a great video or animation to drive your business development through digital marketing.

  • Concept and scripting – Keeping your video on brand is important to ensure you have a suite of marketing materials at the end of your project. Our graphic designers will create all assets from scratch. We also have in-house copywriting, including technical writing, to make sure even the most niche businesses are explained correctly.
  • Storyboarding – You will work with one of our dedicated account managers to ensure the story of your video flows correctly and at pace to captivate your audience.
  • Voice over and soundtracks – You will be able to choose from hundreds of our voiceover artists and soundtracks; you can be sure a match for your video will be found.
  • Animation – Let us get to work on the exciting part of your project.
  • Delivery –There are plenty of ways to distribute your new animation through your website, dedicated landing pages, social media channels. You could even use this in one of our Digital Brochure solutions.

Animated services we offer:


2D Cartoon

Used widely in TV shows, video games, advertisements, mobile applications, and many more. It’s an affordable option for all businesses.


A white background where our designers draw your ideas, and bring them to life. Great for attracting viewers with simple storytelling.

3D Animation

3D animation brings your characters and your work to life. It adds reality to your storyboard.


Combination of using screen recording with audio narration. The screen is continuously changing, and we explain everything through audio.

Motion Graphics

Create the illusion of motion or rotation with our motion graphics animations. Great option if depth is what you’re looking for.


A 3D effect in 2D animation. Great for when you want your story to be simple with some depth to it.

Featured case study

RedTeq (UVC Portal Video) –Our client RedTeq came to us to find a Clever solution to explain their unique innovation; the RedTeq UVC Disinfection Portal. We recommended animation, there are several types we used ‘Motion Flow’ we worked on a storyboard, script, animation and then the voice over. The result was excellent.


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