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Lead Generation

What’s the point in having a website without lead generation?

Your previous developer built a beautiful website but you’ve had very little traffic and few to no enquiries. What do you do to fix that?

Work with Clever Marketing and we’ll transform your web presence from a mere pretty site to a good-looker that also attracts relevant visitors and generates quality leads.

Examples of our lead generation successes include:

We were approached by a small, specialist insurance company who were struggling to get digital business. They didn’t have the budget to redevelop their old website so we built an additional mini-site and drove PPC leads to the new landing page. We increased organic traffic to their old site by 65% year-on-year but, most importantly, we generated seventy leads a month after they started from zero.

We drove the same success for an ambitious global financial services firm. They had no signups in years and, within a week of our new paid social media campaign, we’d generated in excess of one hundred leads and they’re so thrilled they’re increasing their marketing budget to secure our services for another year. (This is hot off the press, we’re still working on this campaign – Ed)

Generating leads and developing business is what we do best. Our digital agency in Hampshire is highly experienced in SEO, PPC and social media. One of our team has been in digital marketing for over 20 years now, so there’s not much we haven’t seen and don’t know.

“Clever Marketing helped us drive a 35% increase in web sales”

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We’ll help you with all your lead generation, just leave it to us.
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