Publishing design

Publishing brings together a wide range of services and skills: Copywriting, editing, proofreading, typesetting, design and print. It’s about giving your readership access to what it often specialised information which is frequently written by multiple authors.

The art of publishing is about taking large amounts of text and presenting it in an easy to follow, consistent manner, whether it is in print or on screen.

Our publishing services can include…


It is rare for publications to only be required in a printed format, for that reason we are also able to publish to digital formats such as PDF and EPUB, retaining the necessary structure to make them accessible.

Editorial Style

Adherence to a client’s editorial style is an essential part of brand compliance, but we can also work to accepted style standards where a client style might not exist.


The printing press is the physical manifestation of all the work that goes into a book or publication, giving us something tangible to reach for on the bookshelf. The quality of what we hold in our hands is pivotal to the reading experience.


We provide qualified proofreaders to ensure all copy is accurate and error free. We understand that it is not enough just to ensure that words are spelt correctly – grammar and context are also essential to the reading experience.


The experience of reading a book or magazine starts as a visual one when you see the cover. No project progresses until all asthetic considerations are finalised, such as layout, fonts, colours, etc.

Traditional Typesetting

Whether in print or on screen, the art of making type pleasing to the eye and easy to follow can be the difference between a good and bad reading experience. We draw on many year’s experience and training in traditional typesetting to ensure high standards and continuity, whatever the project.


Back in 2015 we were approached by the international law firm Kennedys to redesign and print their popular reference book Claims Handling Law and Practice: A Practioner’s Guide.

Since then, we have gone on to produce two more casebound editions culminating in the fourth which was published at the start of 2021. This latest edition was our most ambitious yet, having grown to over 1,300 pages across 47 chapters and two volumes – all presented in a custom-made slipcase.

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