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Direct mail with video


  • 6”, 5”, 7” or 10” high quality HD screen
  • 256MB – 4GB internal memory
  • 2 Hour rechargeable battery life
  • Customisable function buttons
  • Auto start upon opening
  • Multiple video and slideshow capability
  • Hard or soft cover finish
  • High quality Printing & finishing
  • USB lead for charging and uploading videos

Video books provide an engaging and innovative solution to get your business in front of your audience. Our in-house design team can design from start to finish or you can supply us with your artwork. they can be used for;

  • Presentations
  • Proposals
  • Sales pitch
  • Direct Mail
  • Product launches
  • Bid proposals


Expanded Text Ads are new to Google AdWords

Analytics 4, Indexing Requests Suspended: Google in October 2020

Analytics 4 It’s been an interesting time in the world of Google in October 2020. For us SEOs, involved in the digital marketing of your websites, the significant Google announcements both happened on the same day – Wednesday 14th October. The first big fanfare from Google was the release of Analytics 4. GA4 is the […]

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