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SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy  or Search Engine Optimisation strategy is a plan of action to improve your search engine rankings, traffic volumes and search quality over the long-term. Once planned, you will follow the processes in your SEO strategy to increase organic traffic and achieve your goals.

Your strategy will typically consist of:

Keyword Research

Think about your business first. Who are you and what do you do? Choose the right keywords and key phrases that align with your topic, product or service, research the effectiveness of using those keywords, the volumes and the potential quality of the traffic you could gain.

Additionally there’s an element of competitor research here too so you research the keywords your competition uses, check their ranking and assess how many potential visits they have.

Is it a highly competitive keyword in a saturated market? Maybe there are other terms you could use that have equal volumes but are easier to rank for?

Once you have a set of primary keywords, list all the “long-tail” keywords that will help support the primary keywords. For example, if your company’s primary service is SEO, that’s a highly competitive term. Simply using SEO may not be enough so SEO company may be a better term. That’s still really popular so what narrows that down? SEO Company Hampshire will help users in your county find you. Are you only working hyperlocal? Then how about adding your town, so SEO company, Farnborough, Hampshire will really help to focus the traffic on your site.

Keyword Monitoring

Setting up the tools and procedures to regularly check the performance of your keywords. Are you ranking higher than you did last month or this time last year?

How are the competition doing? Are you catching up or staying ahead?

You can manually look at the rankings but this can be quite challenging, especially if you have a lot of keywords and competitors. The easiest way to monitor keywords is to use any of the tools out there such as Ahrefs, SE Ranking or SEMrush to name just a few. These automated tools will track your rankings and allow you to compare against other websites.

Content Strategy

Now that you have your key terms lined up, you need somewhere to use them. Obviously that’s going to be your website but you need to plan your structure and your pages.

You’ll have all your utility pages such as “about us” and “contact us” etc. with your most important product and service pages being your key or cornerstone content.

These main pages will be supported by supplementary content such as latest news and more informal blog pages.

As well as that all important written copy, other content types such as video or whitepapers will help to make your website keyword-rich and a valuable user experience. This all adds up to ensure your audience can immerse in your expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T) to make your website the “go to” site in your industry sector.

On-Page SEO

With a strong keyword plan and content strategy, you’ll want to implement all the SEO skills at your disposal. The very first thing you’ll need to do, beyond the information architecture of your website, is optimise each individual page.

This is your on-page SEO.

Ensuring your keywords are in your h1, h2, h3 tags and in the body copy is the first, most simple step. Making sure you have enough copy, your keywords and phrases are mention enough times (Why should you rank for a term that isn’t used?) are next. You can demonstrate expertise through in-depth articles (1,000+ word counts) whilst on product pages, it may be wise to keep initial content to an enticing minimum.

Behind all this obvious optimisation are items such as your hallowed <title> and meta descriptions, adding useful image with relevant and meaningful filenames, useful alt and description attributes.

Have you checked the sentiment and salience of your copy and are the key terms highlighted in strong or emphasis tags to let the reader know how important certain words and phrases are?

You have included internal links to other key pages? Are there specific third party resources that also add value with external links?

Remember to optimise your content’s Calls To Action (CTAs) so that your page passes the “so what?” test and your visitors get strong and clear opportunities to receive further updates, make an enquiry or buy your products. This is both a valuable part of the User eXperience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimisation(CRO).

Off-Page SEO

This is where all the “off-site” work gives a boost to your website and individual web pages.

The whole basic concept of Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s world wide web is hyper text. This is the exact same as in his Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). It is the fabric upon which webpages exist and co-exist.

The beauty of this all is that web pages refer to others using hyperlinks. Internal linking, as mentioned above, is important but it’s the external links in other web entities that link to YOUR web pages that are vital signals. They signify that your website has value to other people. Why else would someone link to you?

These links should be built up naturally and organically (white hat SEO), where aggressively-built links are black hat and the schemes in between are the grey hat work.

Link-building activities are important, especially when you are creating links from popular sources, such as the BBC, fresh links or in relevant websites or trustworthy sources.

Social media links also add signals, so use your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn time to add valuable in-bound links to your web presence.

  •  An SEO audit.
  •  A technical audit.
  •  Keyword research.
  •  A competitor analysis.
  •  A plan of action.
  •  Action, analysis, advice & reports.

Clever Marketing have been fiorum

What you get:

  1. A custom, tailor-made SEO strategy for your business website.
  2. Complete transparency – we show you everything we do.
  3. Plain English with explanations of all the jargon.
  4. Empowered. We help you learn SEO too so that we can work together more effectively.
  5. Analysis of your campaign data to help discover and leverage new opportunities.
  6. Secure more relevant traffic, not just more traffic.
  7. Results. We explain the data and create a long-term SEO plan with you.

There’s much more to your SEO strategy that we provide. As a PPC agency we use Bing and Google Ads data to inform our SEM work.

It’s not good enough to rank highly for obscure terms when the ones that take hard work and effort are the keywords that generate more traffic and actually generate leads.


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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a straightforward process but with many nuances. Ultimately it’s about making your website perform well in the search engines (Both in ranking and in terms of clicks)

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We do:

SEO Strategy

Let’s look at your SEO data and see where your strategy is at. There is always room for improvement.

Local SEO Strategy

Just like those “digital agency near me” searches, we will help you get more visibility in local search.

Mobile SEO Strategy

Get seen in mobile search, get mobile clicks and generate leads and conversions through mobile.

Technical SEO Skills

On-page optimisation is one thing but we can back this up with skills in technical SEO – making your server and web pages faster and more efficient.

SEO Auditing

Your website looks good but was it built well? We can not only find the issues but know how to fix them too. That’s the benefit of securing an agency like Clever Marketing to be an extension of your marketing department.