Collaboration: Digital Marketing Agencies & Clients

Why Digital Marketing Agencies and Clients Should Work Together for Success.

Have you worked with a marketing agency recently? If not, you may find that the world of marketing has changed. And I don’t just mean that it’s gone digital.

It’s no longer about sending out a brief and waiting for a piece of work to come back. It’s about collaboration between agency and client.

At Clever Marketing, we work with our clients as an extension of their own in-house teams – creating marketing strategies that deliver on their objectives.

We want you to share your goals with us.

As a digital marketing agency, we operate best when you share your goals with us. Tell us your problems.

Is your business struggling to build its sales pipeline? Are you keen to attract new types of customers? Are you failing to retain existing customers? Perhaps you’d like to grow your social following?

Whatever your objective, we want you to feel confident that as your digital marketing agency, we will:

  • Respect the confidentiality of any information you share with us.
  • Work with you to develop marketing campaigns to help you achieve your business goals.

We align our marketing strategy with your business objectives.

This is where not all marketing agencies are equal. We don’t market for the sake of marketing.

We align all our marketing efforts with your business objectives. We’ll advise you on the most effective strategy for what you’re trying to achieve.

For example, there’s the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A mystery to some, but not to us. Our SEO services can transform your website so that it ranks highly in search engine results.

Not only do we make sure your site is search engine friendly, we also analyse SEO data to help you discover new opportunities. Because what you want is not just more traffic – what you need is more relevant traffic.

We can show you the results of our analysis, interpret the data and help you plan your long-term strategy. As a result, you can generate new leads whilst at the same time improving the user experience of your website.

And, if you want to boost your lead generation efforts, we can also undertake Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns via Google Ads, Bing Ads or paid social like LinkedIn or Facebook ads. PPC campaigns can be targeted, based on location, demographics, language, interests, and time.

PPC can be used to promote new products or services or simply drive more traffic to your website. Plus, with detailed tracking, this form of advertising can help you to make data-driven decisions.

We understand that you know your business best.

Of course, you know your products and services better than anyone.

However, this can lead you to assume a certain level of knowledge on the part of your clients. But the fact is, information that may seem obvious to you may not be apparent to them. This is why it pays to have a fresh pair of eyes to examine your communications.

What we bring to the table as a marketing agency are fresh insights along with an extensive range of experience in different areas of marketing. Together, our teams can work with you to decide on the best way to communicate your message and grow your business.

We offer the latest marketing technology.

Clever Marketing is a digital marketing agency made up of experts from varied fields. Our team of skilled individuals are highly experienced in different aspects of digital marketing.

And because we’ve worked with a diverse number of business and industries, we have a wide-ranging experience of what works (and what doesn’t) in a variety of marketplaces. This allows us to bring best practice to our marketing campaigns.

Plus, as well as gaining the in-house knowledge and skills of our team, you’ll also be able to take advantage of some rather impressive technology. We’re talking about the latest design software and up-to-the-minute data analysis tools.

At Clever Marketing, we continually invest in new technology and training to help our marketers, digital experts, designers, and copywriters deliver their best work – and gain the most positive results for our clients.

We analyse data so you can make informed decisions.

A significant aspect of what good digital marketing agencies do is to analyse data from campaigns. If a particular campaign is a success, we want to be able to repeat it.

Similarly, if a campaign isn’t effective, we need to know why. We’ll look at results, investigate why something didn’t work – and then make changes to turn it into a winner.

That’s why we run reports on different metrics – so we can provide educated recommendations. By giving our clients accurate and insightful information and analysis, we can help them to make informed decisions about the marketing direction they take.

We work collaboratively to achieve results.

We like to engage with our clients throughout a marketing campaign because their feedback is essential. If there’s a problem, we want to know about it, so we can fix it.

Dissatisfaction with marketing agencies tends to occur when unrealistic expectations are set. That’s why it pays to work collaboratively.

For example, some campaigns won’t deliver immediate results. Which is why we’re honest with our clients about what we expect a campaign to achieve and how quickly they’re likely to see results.

When we embark on a new marketing strategy with a client, we’re clear at the outset about the anticipated short and long-term outcomes. And during the campaign, we maintain open, honest and consistent communication – so our clients are aware of what’s happening at all times.

We want you to be successful.

Ultimately, our marketing efforts are always targeted firmly towards your business goals. And we don’t lose sight of this. Each client has a dedicated account manager, so there’s engagement at every stage.

By working collaboratively with our clients, we can identify what makes them different and create campaigns just for them. As a result, we have loyal customers who return to us again and again.

If you’d like to find out more about a , call us to discover what we can do for your business.

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